Press release: ADIT exams sat in a record 47 cities across the world

June 2017 saw another record breaking exam session for the ADIT (the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) qualification, with approximately 700 students sitting exams in a record 47 cities across the world.

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) is pleased to announce that 491 students passed at least one June 2017 ADIT exam, out of a record total of 675 sitting exams. The ADIT student population reflects an increasingly diverse community of international tax professionals, with ADIT exams having taken place for the first time in Austria, Cameroon and Papua New Guinea. 

A total of 724 tax practitioners now hold the ADIT qualification, across 68 countries. A total of 135 students (including 15 with distinction) have completed ADIT in the last six months and can now add the post-nominals ‘ADIT’ after their name, including the first students to achieve ADIT from Austria, Cambodia, Ghana, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

CIOT President John Preston said:

“I offer my congratulations to all candidates who were successful in their ADIT exams this June.

“Employers and practitioners throughout the tax profession regard ADIT as a significant qualification in international tax, which tests candidates’ conceptual understanding as well as their ability to apply their knowledge to practical scenarios. Candidates who sit and pass the ADIT exams should therefore feel very proud of their achievement, as they have demonstrated a broad range of international tax skills and accumulated technical knowledge in their chosen subject areas.

“Achieving the ADIT qualification will, for some international tax professionals, be only the first stage of an ongoing relationship with the CIOT, and we hope to welcome the successful ADIT graduates as International Tax Affiliates of the CIOT in due course. We continue to explore new developments aimed at strengthening the post-qualification bond between our Institute and ADIT professionals, and expanding the range of services and benefits available to those who choose to retain a subscription package with the CIOT upon completion of the ADIT qualification.

“At the same time, we always seek to improve the range of services available to students who are still to pursue the ADIT qualification, and to this end we are delighted to have recently introduced a new range of modular certificates. A modular certificate is available on-demand to any ADIT student who has completed both the Principles of International Taxation paper and any one of the option papers, and reflects the student’s developing expertise in their specialist international tax area as they prepare to sit their third and final ADIT paper.”

Information about the new modular certificates can be found at

Notes for editors

1. More information about ADIT can be found here. The first CIOT ADIT exams were in 2004. The key benefits of gaining the ADIT qualification are that it is a global benchmark of quality and an independent means of demonstrating international tax knowledge and ability. Its portability is also attractive to students and employers and it is a demonstration of a student’s expertise in multiple countries and international tax subjects.  The CIOT administers and awards ADIT students. Those who complete the ADIT are entitled to put the designatory letters 'ADIT' after their name and the opportunity to become an International Tax Affiliate of the CIOT.

2. Awards

The Heather Self Medal for the highest marks in Paper 1 – Principles of International Taxation
The medal has been awarded to Mr Kurt Farrugia of Naxxar, Malta, who is employed by KPMG in Pieta.

The International Fiscal Association Prize for the highest marks in Paper 2 – Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction)
The prize has been awarded to Miss Naomi Beth Wells of Twickenham, United Kingdom, who is employed by Wilkins Kennedy in London and sat Paper 2.10: United States option.

The Raymond Kelly Medal for the highest marks in Paper 2 – Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction): United Kingdom option
The medal has been awarded to Miss Emily Down of St Albans, United Kingdom, who is employed by Deloitte.

The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers Medal for the highest marks in Paper 3 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic)
The medal has been awarded to Mr John Kagiri of London, United Kingdom, who is employed by PwC and sat Paper 3.04: Upstream Oil and Gas option.

The Wolters Kluwer Prize for the highest marks in Paper 3 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic): Transfer Pricing option
The prize has been awarded to Mr Rory McGrath of Leeds, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC.

Distinctions were awarded for excellence in three examinations, or two examinations and an extended essay, to the following successful candidates:

  • Ms Sharanne Au of Singapore, who is employed by Shell;
  • Mr Graham Peter Brough of London, United Kingdom, who is employed by Baker Botts;
  • Miss Wenxin Cao of Shanghai, China;
  • Mr Peter Richard Courtney of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC;
  • Mr Hugh Douglas of London, United Kingdom, who is employed by GlaxoSmithKline in Brentford;
  • Mr Justus Eisenbeiß of Frankfurt Am Main, Germany;
  • Miss Nourhan Hesham Samir Elitriby Elitriby of New Cairo, Egypt, who is employed by PwC;
  • Mr Fred Hill of Thatcham, United Kingdom, who is employed by EY in London;
  • Mr Constantinos Kounnis of Nicosia, Cyprus, who is employed by C. Kounnis & Partners Ltd;
  • Ms Alice Muriithi of Nairobi, Kenya;
  • Mr Michael Mygiakis of Peristeri Attiki, Greece;
  • Mr Syed Emmad Ali Shah of Doha, Qatar, who is employed by PwC;
  • Mr Pierre Valentin Tchol Kaldjob of Accra, Ghana, who is employed by PwC;
  • Mr Kyran Peng Thomas of London, United Kingdom, who is employed by KPMG; and
  • Miss Naomi Beth Wells of Twickenham, United Kingdom, who is employed by Wilkins Kennedy in London.

As a result of the June 2017 examinations, the following individuals have now completed all the components to be awarded the ADIT qualification and may now use the designatory letters ‘ADIT’:

Abi Khalil, J (Kahale, Lebanon)
Advani, S (Sharq, Kuwait)
Agarwala, K (Penang, Malaysia)
Agius, M (Sta Lucia, Malta)
Ahabwe, P (Kampala, Uganda)
Alabbas, Z A A (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
Alamr, L A M (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Andreou, P (Limassol, Cyprus)
Ardelean, M (Popesti-Leordeni, Romania)
Au, S (Singapore) *
Ayub, U (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Aziz, T M (Bangalore, India)
Bharatwaj, A (Chennai, India)
Bhatt, F (Mumbai, India)
Bhikhie, R (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Brough, G P (London, United Kingdom) *
Bunihizi, W (Kampala, Uganda)
Carey, A (Dublin, Ireland)
Chambers, A S (Lincoln, United Kingdom)
Chapman, P (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Chong, J C J (London, United Kingdom)
Chui, C (Hong Kong)
Chukanska, P (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)
Costea, M G (Chitila, Romania)
Courtney, P R (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) *
Cowie, S (Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
Creevy, M J B (Maidstone, United Kingdom)
Cretu, R V (Arges, Romania)
Dar, A H S (Morden, United Kingdom)
Das, P (New Delhi, India)
Dhanasekaran Marappan, R (Erode, India)
Donlon, J (Dublin, Ireland)
Douglas, H (London, United Kingdom) *
Egeland, A (Grouville, Channel Islands)
Eisenbeiß, J (Frankfurt Am Main, Germany) *
Elitriby, N H S E (New Cairo, Egypt) *
Elkin, E L (Morecambe, United Kingdom)
English, D (Thornton Heath, United Kingdom)
Etheridge, J (London, United Kingdom)
Evans, J P (London, United Kingdom)
Georgiou, A (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Gritsuk, N (Moscow, Russian Federation)
Hann, G (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Hartanto, A (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Herman, C (Kampot, Cambodia)
Hill, F (Thatcham, United Kingdom) *
Ioannou Koriagina, Y (Limassol, Cyprus)
Jain, K (Chennai, India)
Jayani, L A (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Jones, S (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Kale, S (New York City, United States of America)
Kalogirou, Z (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Kilcoyne, J (Galway, Ireland)
Koleva, Z (Larnaca, Cyprus)
Koteiche, S (Beirut, Lebanon)
Kounnis, C (Nicosia, Cyprus) *
Koutsioumpa, E (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Kozolup, A (Westcliff On Sea, United Kingdom)
Kumar, K (Mylapore, India)
Lahman, A (Bucharest, Romania)
Lim, W C (Singapore)
Lodde, L (Oslo, Norway)
Lombardi, M (Ta'xbiex, Malta)
Luo, V (London, United Kingdom)
Mang'oka, L (Nairobi, Kenya)
Marti Beso, I (Maidenhead, United Kingdom)
Martin, J M (Lima, Peru)
McMillan, K (Hertford, United Kingdom)
Meca, M M (Bucharest, Romania)
Mifsud, P (Gharghur, Malta)
Mortell, R (Dublin, Ireland)
Mukatayeva, D (Astana, Kazakhstan)
Muriithi, A (Nairobi, Kenya) *
Murphy, C (Guildford, United Kingdom)
Musau, N (Jersey City, United States of America)
Musoke, S (Kampala, Uganda)
Mygiakis, M (Peristeri Attiki, Greece) *
Nakimuli, J (Kampala, Uganda)
Namata Jumba, W (Kampala, Uganda)
Nath Varma, P (Vacoas, Mauritius)
Negrescu, V (Bucharest, Romania)
Neocleous, S (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Nethersole, J A (Turramurra, Australia)
Nouayhid, S (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Okoyo, G O (Nairobi, Kenya)
Olaniyi, B (Beckenham, United Kingdom)
Panfiloiu, I (Teleforman County, Romania)
Pavlou, M (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Pericleous, M (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Pillay-Maloney, M (Huntingdon, United Kingdom)
Polastri, A L (Bruxelles, Belgium)
Popa, A A (Bucharest, Romania)
Popescu, O A (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Prajakfueangfu, P (Bangkok, Thailand)
Pugacheva, A (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Rahmat Rahayu, B (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Rasheed, M (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
Ravindran, B (Chennai, India)
Raza, M (Karachi, Pakistan)
Rosca, I F (Vienna, Austria)
Rujub, M T (Port-Louis, Mauritius)
Santhanagopalakrishnan, B (Chennai, India)
Sawardekar, K (Pune, India)
Scott, J B (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Sey, N A A (Accra, Ghana)
Shah, S E A (Doha, Qatar) *
Shah, U (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Shelling, J M (Beckenham, United Kingdom)
Shpakovsky, R (Minsk, Belarus)
Simionescu, C (Sfantu Gheorghe City, Romania)
Sofocleous, L (Larnaca, Cyprus)
Souames, A (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Sunel Wala, H (Chennai, India)
Tamai, G (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Tchol Kaldjob, P V (Accra, Ghana) *
Thomas, K P (London, United Kingdom) *
Trang, M (Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom)
Tsurka, Y (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Tyrrell, M (Bexleyheath, United Kingdom)
Valliyurnatt, P (Chennai, India)
Van Lare, M E (London, United Kingdom)
Vyas, J (Mumbai, India)
Walsh, C (Dublin, Ireland)
Wells, N B (Twickenham, United Kingdom) + *
Wijaya, W (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Wong, P W (Renfrew, United Kingdom)
Xin, L Y (Shanghai, China)
Zoradova, M (Douglas, Isle of Man)

+ = Award Winner
* = Distinction for overall performance in three examinations, or two examinations and an extended essay

Results Statistics

Candidates may choose to present an extended essay in place of either a Paper 2 or Paper 3 exam. The following candidates successfully completed an extended essay in the period between February and July 2017, having completed the required examination papers prior to the June 2017 sitting. As a result, they have now completed all the components to be awarded the ADIT qualification and may use the designatory letters ‘ADIT’:

Cao, W (Shanghai, China) *
Ilyas, N A (Watford, United Kingdom)
Monmousseau, J (Bertrange, Luxembourg)
Papa, G (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Rosu, D (Bucharest, Romania)
Storr, A (London, United Kingdom)
Vrasida, S (Nicosia, Cyprus)

+ = Award Winner
* = Distinction for overall performance in three examination papers, or two examination papers and an extended essay

The following candidates have met the ACA CTA Joint Programme examination requirements of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales as a result of the ADIT June 2017 examination session:

Bartlett, R (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Bell, C (Reading, United Kingdom)
Benedict, M (Broadstairs, United Kingdom)
Broster, J (Dorking, United Kingdom)
Burton, J (Didcot, United Kingdom)
Cree, L (London, United Kingdom)
Down, E (St Albans, United Kingdom)
East, W (London, United Kingdom)
Elsey, H (London, United Kingdom)
Falk, J (Bristol, United Kingdom)
Fraser, S (Worcester, United Kingdom)
Garlick, J (London, United Kingdom)
Gomez Rico, M (London, United Kingdom)
Guth, R (Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom)
Hasson, L (London, United Kingdom)
Kavanagh, F (London, United Kingdom)
Knighton, R (Cardiff, United Kingdom)
Marr, C (Braintree, United Kingdom)
Morgan, J (Dorking, United Kingdom)
Nichols, B (Salisbury, United Kingdom)
Nurpuri, J (Walsall, United Kingdom)
Patel, K (Harrow, United Kingdom)
Pierpoint, M (Ormskirk, United Kingdom)
Roberts, A (London, United Kingdom)
Rybacka, K (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Shah, P (Wembley, United Kingdom)
Simson, L (London, United Kingdom)
Singh Dhami, N (Leicester, United Kingdom)
Talwar, D (Maidenhead, United Kingdom)
Theobald, F (London, United Kingdom)
Tuffin, C (New Malden, United Kingdom)
Walwyn, L A (Reading, United Kingdom)
Young, D (Oxford, United Kingdom)

Candidates who have passed individual papers are listed in the June 2017 Paper Pass List, available at

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