Institute launches CTA as international standard

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has today announced that it is to license the Irish Tax Institute (ITI) to use the designations ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ and ‘CTA’ as the first step in developing the CTA brand as an international ‘Gold Standard’ in tax.

The CIOT is proposing, in carefully defined circumstances, to license tax bodies in other countries to designate their members – or where appropriate, a subset of their members – as CTAs. This will only be done where the CIOT are satisfied and confident that:

  • The qualifications, professional standards and other requirements for membership of the tax body (or qualifying subset) are broadly equivalent to the CIOT’s own; and
  • It is the Gold Standard in the relevant jurisdiction.

As of today over 4,000 Associates of the Irish Tax Institute (AITIs) are now eligible to use the designation AITI Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA).

CIOT President Anthony Thomas said:

“Our aim is to promote excellence in tax internationally by developing the CTA designation as a mark of quality and professionalism.

“While the CTA brand is highly recognised and very well respected in the UK, it is less well known elsewhere. With tax becoming increasingly globalised, and our members travelling to and working in more and more countries, we believe it will benefit our members to raise the profile of the CTA designation internationally. We are seeking to make it the global ‘go-to’ brand for high quality tax advice.

“Whether someone is an employer or a taxpayer seeking expert advice, they can be reassured that when they engage a CTA they will be taking on a tax professional who has proved themselves to be of the highest calibre.”

Irish Tax Institute President Bernard Doherty said:

“Given the growing international nature of tax and our reputation in Ireland for tax expertise I believe this is an important and significant step for AITIs working in Ireland and internationally. We are delighted to collaborate with CIOT in promoting excellence in tax advice.

“This collaboration has come about as a result of standards of excellence in our AITI programme and our reputation for tax expertise here at the Irish Tax Institute.”

Notes to Editors

  1. There is an information note about what people can expect from a CTA at about-us/cta-international-standard


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