Key Dates and Deadlines, Fees, How to Register, Tuition and Study Options

Student Registration: Key Dates and Deadlines

The examinations are held twice a year, May and November.

  • To be eligible to enter for the May exam session you must be registered as a student by the end of December.
  • To be eligible for the November exam session, you must be registered as a student by the end of the June.

Exam Entry: Key Dates and Deadlines

The Professional Responsibilities & Ethics CBE must be passed before you can enter for your final written CTA paper.

  • May: The closing date for receipt of online examination entry is the last day of February.
  • November: The closing date for receipt of online examination entry is the last day of August.
In exceptional circumstances the CIOT may, at its absolute discretion, accept an application for late entry (for up to one month after the initial exam entry period has closed) on payment of an additional fee, currently £100, which must be submitted within one month of the scheduled closing date for entry for the examination concerned.

How to Register

To join the ACA CTA Joint Programme, students need to first register as an ACA student with ICAEW.

When students have received their ACA student number, they can register with CIOT, here, and become a student on the ACA CTA Joint Programme. Students will be asked to submit their ACA student registration communication to CIOT when registering for the Joint Programme.

Employers can continue to offer the traditional, sequential route to the CTA. If you decide to offer your employees the CTA once they become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, they simply register with the CIOT to progress onto the CTA. More information is available here.

Students can continue to study for the ACA and CTA qualifications with their existing tuition provider. The tuition and exam schedules currently in place will not change. Tuition and study options for the Taxation of Major Corporates specialism, Owner-Managed Business specialism and the Indirect Tax specialism are detailed below.


Course providers are listed purely alphabetically and there is no preference implied in the order which the course providers are listed.

  • BPP Professional Education

    - offers tution in Taxation of Owner-Managed Businesses

    Tax Course Manager
    Aldine House
    Aldine Place
    142-144 Uxbridge Road
    W12 8AW

    T: +44 (0)20 8746 4150
    E: tax [at]

  • Kaplan Financial

     - offers tution in Taxation of Major Corporates and Taxation of Owner-Managed Businesses

    Student Services
    Kaplan Financial
    5th Floor, Chancery Place
    50 Brown Street
    M2 2JG

    T: +44 (0)161 29 7400
    E: studentservices [at]

  • Tolley Exam Training

    - offers tution in Taxation of Major Corporates, Taxation of Owner-Managed Businesses and Indirect Tax

    Client Services
    30 Farringdon Street
    EC4A 4HH

    T: +44 (0)20 3364 4500
    E: examtraining [at]

More information on courses of study for the CTA examinations please click here.