Fellowship for CTA Associates completing a Master's degree

19 Apr 2021

CTA Associates who wish to pursue a Master's degree programme in taxation can also seek Fellowship of the Institute, by submitting their completed thesis for assessment by both the University and the Institute. 

The Master's Fellowship programme is currently open to Associates enrolling on the following degree programme at the University of Birmingham: 

MSc by Research Taxation (Research)

Benefits of the Master's Fellowship programme 

Achieving Fellowship of the Institute under the Master's Fellowship programme offers a number of advantages, including: 

Two-for-one achievement - you can submit the same thesis both to the participating University in satisfaction of the Master's degree requirement, and to the Institute for Fellowship consideration. 

Professional and academic recognition - in achieving Fellowship of the leading UK body for tax professionals, you will demonstrate a high degree of technical competence in UK taxation, and will be able to market your success in ascending to the Institute's senior membership level to employers and clients alike. At the same time, you will receive all the benefits conferred by achievement of a prestigious academic qualification at a leading UK university. 

Contribution to a rapidly developing academic field - with each thesis available for both academic and practitioner consumption, upon completing the Master's Fellowship programme you will be uniquely placed to assist in the development of contemporary research on UK taxation issues, and to become a thought leader in your chosen discipline.

When do I apply? 

Applications for the Master's Fellowship programme are available all year round.

How do I apply? 

In order to be considered for the Master's Fellowship programme, you will first need to enrol onto an eligible Master's degree programme at a participating University. Fulfilment of the Master's degree will require completion of a thesis (or research project), to be set and assessed by the University. To be considered for Fellowship of the Institute, you will also be required to submit a thesis proposal to the Institute before beginning work on the thesis, and later to submit a version of the completed thesis to the Institute in addition to the version which you submit to the University. 

The thesis proposal submitted to the Institute will need to be accompanied by a completed Master's Fellowship application form, together with a fee of £200 payable to the Institute. Once the thesis proposal has been approved, you will have three years in which to submit your completed thesis to the Institute. 

All Fellowship thesis fees, applications and submission deadlines are considered separately from the participating University's fees, enrolment and submission deadlines. 

Please note: all Master's Fellowship thesis submissions are assessed separately by the participating University and the Institute, in accordance with each institution's own assessment criteria. Successful achievement of either the Master's degree or Fellowship does not necessarily result in successful achievement of the other.

Contact details 

University of Birmingham: 
Birmingham Business School 
T: +44 (0)121 414 3498 
E: business-pgr-research@contacts.bham.ac.uk