Communicating with the Welsh Revenue Authority

29 Apr 2021

The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) has provided a service update in response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. This can found on its website.

A summary of the most recent developments can be found below. Please consult the WRA website for further information and to contact them.


 The WRA helpdesk is open to calls Monday to Friday between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

The phone number is 03000 254 000.

Contact can also be made via the WRA’s online contact form.

Difficulty payingTaxpayers, businesses and individuals are encouraged to contact the WRA as soon as possible if they are encountering financial difficulties as a result of Coronavirus that may affect their ability to pay tax on time. 
Filing and paying online: solicitors, conveyancers and organisations

You can continue to pay LTT and file LTT returns online.

Solicitors, conveyancers and organisations will need to register to use the online service to submit an LTT return (the WRA aims to process these registrations within 2 working days).

Those who have already registered may wish to consider if they need to add additional users to their accounts.

Filing and paying online: individuals

Individuals buying property or land who aren’t represented by a solicitor or conveyancer would normally be asked to submit a paper return by post. They are being asked to complete a paper return and submit it online using the WRA paper return upload form.

They are being are being encouraged to pay LTT online. The helpdesk team will be able to assist.

Postal delays

The WRA is currently unable to access post, so there will be a delay processing anything sent by post. To avoid this delay, they recommend using the online services. Contact the WRA if you're unable to do so.

To send any correspondence, including serving legal proceedings or any other legal documents, if possible they advise using the the online contact form.

Filing and payment time-limits: processing post

If a taxpayer or agent has sent a paper return or cheque on time, but they later decide to send a duplicate return online or pay by digital means, the WRA will use the date of the original paper return or cheque as the date of receipt in respect of filing and payment deadlines. 

Those doing so should contact WRA in advance to make them aware that a paper return or cheque has already been sent. This will enable the WRA to provide an update on whether the original return or payment has been processed, and so they can use the correct date on their system. 

The WRA will make contact if a return is filed and paid late so that they can discuss the circumstances of the return.

Please contact them if the delay is due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Reviewing decisions

If a taxpayer or agent has requested a review of a decision, the WRA may contact them to discuss an alternative timetable if they are unable to provide a conclusion within the normal time period.

Protection of data

The WRA have stated that all personal data, hard copy tax returns and correspondence will remain secure throughout the period of the outbreak.