Management of Taxes


This was a fairly quiet conference on the tax front for the Conservatives, new announcements limited to a stamp duty increase for foreign buyers, edging a little closer to a Digital Services Tax, tweaks to the apprenticeship levy and another year of a fuel duty freeze. Various outriders would like to see more radical changes though – especially corporation tax cuts – and there are hints these might be considered depending on the outcome of the Brexit process.

The CIOT comments sent to HMRC on Amending HMRC's Civil Information Powers.

In the last year a number of new measures have come into force or been announced to tackle tax avoidance and evasion. Jason Collins, a member of the CIOT’s Management of Taxes Sub-Committee, updates us on the developments since the guide he produced last year. This should help tax agents, journalists and others with an interest in tax compliance to cope with the tide of new measures in this area.

We have produced these practical notes for use by members following recent discussions with HMRC regarding the scope and operation of the “Requirement to Correct Offshore Tax Non-Compliance” (RTC) in Schedule 18 Finance (No 2) Act 2017. 

HMRC senior management answered questions on country by country reporting, fraud and error in tax credits, customer service, the legality of HMRC's voice biometrics programme, the cost of tax reliefs, registers of beneficial ownership and VAT compliance (especially in relation to online platforms). The final part of the session was spent on Brexit and customs, and included the revelation that the 'third release' of the new Customs Declaration System will been delayed to March 2019, so HMRC are testing a strategy of using CHIEF (the existing system) for exports and CDS for imports for a period.

The CIOT comments sent to HMRC on FB 2018-19 Clause 30 Schedule 11 Penalties for failure to make returns and Clause 32 Schedule 14 VAT repayment interest.

The CIOT comments on the HMRC discussion document Tax Abuse and Insolvency.

The Treasury Select Committee has held its first hearing as part of its inquiry into the conduct of tax enquiries and resolution of tax disputes. Witnesses included Victoria Todd of the CIOT's Low Incomes Tax Reform Group and (in a personal capacity) CIOT Council member Keith Gordon. This liveblog was updated through the hearing.

The CIOT response to Treasury Sub-Committee The Conduct of Tax Enquiries and the Resolution of Tax Disputes Inquiry.

The CIOT response to the Treasury Sub-Committee Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion Inquiry.