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New Student Registration

If you are submitting an application to re-register as a student, please log in using your existing details. If you create a completely new profile and registration number, this will not be linked to your existing exam history and personal records. Please contact the Education Team if you do not know your student registration number.

A step-by-step guide to registering as an ADIT student is available here. For Frequently Asked Questions about ADIT registration, examinations and certification, please click here.

Please note that credit or debit card payment of the fees due will be required on submission of this form for a valid application to be made, unless explicit prior agreement has been made to invoice your sponsoring organisation.

You cannot apply to register as an ADIT student now because:

In order to register as an ADIT Student, you must first create an account with our website. This process is free and can be done using the 'Register with Us' button found at the top of your screen. Please create a free username and password before returning to this link to complete your ADIT Student Registration.
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Please read the information below before applying to register as an ADIT Student.

Recommended Study Period

Applicants are strongly encouraged to register an interest in sitting a Diploma paper five months prior to the first examination they wish to sit. They can then be contacted via e-mail with pertinent information. Candidates should aim to be registered by 30 November if they wish to sit an examination the following June (and by 31 May if they wish to sit an exam the following December), although registration will remain possible up to the end of January for June exam candidates and the end of July for December exam candidates. Entry for the examination itself is a separate procedure.

Fees Payable

The fee for student registration is currently £185.

First Exam Session

Your Personal Details
Academic and Professional Titles
Personal Circumstances
For our Records
Diversity Monitoring

In order to help us to comply with good practice guidelines we ask you to select the single best answer to each of the questions below. Any responses you do give are used only to help ensure we provide equality of opportunity to all and are not associated with your personal records held by us.

Data Protection Act

It is necessary for the Institute to collect personal data about you on this form for the following reasons: to be able to contact you, to be able to identify you, to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, to check your eligibility to be an ADIT student and to gather statistics for research. You should be aware that your examination results will be published on our website.

We may also disclose your name and address to other organisations such as tax publishers, conference organisers and training bodies but excluding recruitment consultants, which we think may be of interest to you.


I apply to register as a student for the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT). I have provided the information required of me and I confirm that I have obtained and read a copy of the Institute’s current Diploma prospectus.

I understand that my registration fee of £185 is NON-REFUNDABLE and is payable in addition to the entry fee for the examination.

I understand that submission of this form does not constitute entry to the ADIT examinations, which requires a separate application form and fee.

I also understand that this application for registration does not confer any of the benefits of membership of The Chartered Institute of Taxation.


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