Extended essay option

ADIT students have the option of writing a 15,000-20,000 word extended essay, as an alternative to one jurisdiction or thematic exam module.

Submitting an extended essay is a great option if your chosen area of international tax is not covered by any of the available ADIT module options; if you are completing a dissertation or thesis as part of an LLM or masters degree in international tax (as a version of your dissertation or thesis may be submitted in fulfilment of the ADIT extended essay option, provided it meets the ADIT extended essay requirements); or if you simply wish to gain the experience of researching and writing an advanced level extended essay that contributes to the academic discourse in a specialist area of international tax.

Essays submitted in fulfilment of the ADIT extended essay option are expected to be broadly equivalent in scope, detail and complexity to a master's degree dissertation at a European university (or a master's degree thesis at a North American university).

For full information on ADIT extended essay requirements and procedures, please click on the link below.