Extended essay option

ADIT students may complete an extended essay in place of one Paper 2 or Paper 3 exam.

Submitting an extended essay is a great option if your chosen area of international tax is not covered by any of the available ADIT exam options; if you are completing a dissertation or thesis as part of an LLM or masters degree in international tax (as a version of your dissertation or thesis may be submitted in fulfilment of the ADIT extended essay option, provided it meets the ADIT extended essay requirements); or if you simply wish to gain the experience of researching and writing an advanced level extended essay that contributes to the academic discourse in a specialist area of international tax.

For full information on ADIT extended essay requirements and procedures, please click on the link below.

Please note: the extended essay option is the new name for the ADIT thesis option. If you have already registered or completed an ADIT thesis under the old designation, there is no need to reapply or resubmit. All existing ADIT thesis registrations and submissions remain valid.