We are the Champions!

ADIT Champions have been appointed in select regions to work on activities that will build ADIT recognition, provide regional support to our International Tax Affiliates and students, and advocate for their interests. They will also manage our new local LinkedIn groups and help us to run events in their regions.

Our appointment of Champions will help us develop and promote the Affiliate package in a way that is more responsive to local conditions. One of the key challenges in ensuring that ADIT remains relevant to an increasingly diverse global audience, is building communities and empowering practitioners to share ideas and debate emerging tax issues. Local representatives can place ADIT at the heart of these networks.

Four of the Champions are based in Cyprus, India, Ireland and Romania, which are among the countries with the biggest ADIT populations. Our fifth Champion is based in Malaysia and will represent Southeast Asia, a key emerging area for ADIT. Each Champion is an ADIT holder and International Tax Affiliate, so they all have direct experience of ADIT within their region.

To find out more about our ADIT Champions, visit www.adit.org/champions.