New modular certificates launched

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has launched a range of new modular certificates to help ADIT students demonstrate their expertise in both the fundamental concepts of international tax and a specialist area of international tax practice.

It is expected that most students will treat the certificates as a stepping stone en route to full ADIT certification.

Since the inaugural ADIT exams took place in 2004, the ADIT qualification has grown to include fourteen different option modules available to students, in addition to the compulsory Principles of International Taxation exam. The option modules cover a range of international tax jurisdictions and thematic subjects, which enables ADIT students around the world to tailor the qualification to their specialist subject areas.

In recognition of the varied international tax backgrounds and positions held by ADIT professionals, the suite of new modular certificates has been introduced for students who have passed both Principles of International Taxation and an option module. Each modular certificate will reflect the option module which the student has completed, as well as the Principles of International Taxation module. This will enable the student to demonstrate their expertise in both the fundamental concepts of international tax and a specialist area of international tax practice.

The new modular certificate offers a convenient route to certification for professionals working in specialised areas of international tax, such as the taxation of upstream oil and gas activities or EU VAT law, who may pursue the Principles of International Taxation module and their corresponding option module long before selecting and passing the third module required to achieve the full ADIT qualification.

CIOT President, John Preston, commented:

“The addition of the modular certificate to the ADIT qualification demonstrates the CIOT’s continued commitment to making its international tax qualification accessible to a diverse, global audience while upholding the high standards in international tax learning that are associated with the qualification.

“Each modular certificate awarded will recognise a student’s hard work in achieving two ADIT modules, and will demonstrate the student’s knowledge of both the underlying principles governing the international tax environment, and the international tax issues relating to a specific country or area of taxation.”

The modular certificate will be offered to each ADIT student upon successful completion of their second ADIT exam (provided one of the exams passed is the Principles of International Taxation module), and will be available to holders of existing ADIT exam passes as well as new students.

For further information about the modular certificates, please visit or contact the Education Team at education [at] (subject: ADIT%20modular%20certificates) .