EU VAT conference invitation for ADIT professionals

ADIT students and Affiliates with an interest in European VAT are invited to take part in the forthcoming EANOVAT Annual Conference, taking place at the University of Leeds on Friday 6 September.

Organised by the European Academic Network of VAT (EANOVAT), The Conference will open with the headline 'Can EU VAT contribute to a fairer society?' and will feature a programme of sessions discussing current ideas, trends and iniatives in the development and enforcement of European VAT law.

Speakers will include Prof. Rita de la Feria of the ADIT Academic Board, and a number of other leading experts in the academic study and professional application of VAT and indirect taxes from across Europe.

Topics will include VAT fraud and avoidance, reform of the European VAT base, and the VAT implications of Brexit.

For further information about this event, and to reserve a place, click here.