ADIT-ional reasons to be an Affiliate

People who achieve the ADIT qualification will enjoy new benefits if they join the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) as International Tax Affiliates.

The global ADIT community continues to grow since the first exams took place in 2004, with more than 1,100 international tax professionals holding the ADIT qualification. ADIT holders come from a range of professional backgrounds, and work for organisations throughout the tax profession including law firms, multinational corporations, accountancy firms small and large, fiscal authorities and universities.

The improved Affiliate package will include new features such as preferential access to CIOT’s annual ADIT Conference and other regional CPD and networking opportunities, use of selected IBFD digital library services, ADIT-relevant online job portals, and a global code of conduct enabling Affiliates to demonstrate their commitment to ethical and best practice standards.

Regional events and opportunities will be co-ordinated by ADIT Champions, drawn from the existing community of ADIT holders and appointed in selected countries. They will help provide locally-relevant services for the benefit of Affiliates and improve awareness of the Affiliate status among employers, clients and other tax professionals.

CIOT President Glyn Fullelove said:

“I am greatly excited to announce these additional features and services to Affiliates. We expect the new features to make a compelling case for subscribing as an Affiliate upon completion of one’s ADIT studies.

“Alongside an improved range of material benefits, less tangible features such as the new code of conduct will also provide value to Affiliates – in particular those who do not work for a large employer and are not able to draw on the resources or international reputation of a large, global organisation.

“The new features will help to promote CPD take-up and commitment to best practice among international tax professionals and their organisations, in line with the CIOT’s objective of leading the improvement of standards in the tax profession.”

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