Our Champion in Malaysia

As a regional centre for tax practitioners in Southeast Asia, Malaysia serves as a hub for a growing number of ADIT professionals in countries across the region. As well as Malaysia, our Champion will also represent our growing populations in countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

If you're an international tax professional in Southeast Asia, interested in getting involved with the ADIT community in the region, it's time to meet our ADIT Champion.

Quang Phan ADIT

Company: Grant Thornton Malaysia
Role: Transfer Pricing Associate Director
Email: malaysia [at] adit.org

What Quang says:

"I work in Kuala Lumpur but am originally from Vietnam. I specialise in transfer pricing, MAP, APA and BEPS matters, and have worked in tax for 15 years.

As the ADIT Champion for Malaysia, I will also represent ADIT across Southeast Asia. I look forward to promoting international tax learning to practitioners from developing countries in the region who want to move forward in the tax world. I was proud to be the first ADIT holder in Vietnam, and I became a Champion to share how it has enhanced my career with other people.

The ADIT qualification and annual Affiliate certification offer many advantages to help you move ahead in your tax career, and fulfil your potential in a competitive business and international tax environment."

Join us on LinkedIn

A Malaysia LinkedIn group has been created to provide a platform for you to connect and discuss the international tax profession, as well as ADIT, with other practitioners across Southeast Asia.

The group is a place for you to have a healthy debate on current and emerging international tax issues and opportunities, or to seek discussion on relevant tax subjects (including ADIT in your area).