Our Champion in Ireland

As a base for some of the world's largest companies, Ireland is an important player in the global tax environment and home to a dynamic community of tax practitioners. Our Champion will represent ADIT professionals in Ireland, who work for employers across a wide range of industries as well as government and the accountancy and legal professions. 

If you're an international tax professional in Ireland, interested in getting involved with the local ADIT community, it's time to meet our ADIT Champion.

Colm Mooney ADIT

Company: Pfizer
Role: Transfer Pricing Policy and Process Manager
Email: ireland [at] adit.org

What Colm says:

"I work in Dublin for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, as the Transfer Pricing Policy and Process Senior Manager within the Transfer Pricing Centre of Excellence which Pfizer established in 2016. I’m also an ACCA Fellow, as well as holding the ADIT qualification.

As an ADIT Champion I intend to build and grow a network of international tax professionals in Ireland, to support the changing needs of our business community. My commitment to professional development means I am delighted to represent ADIT in Ireland.

Key to Ireland’s success in attracting leading multinationals like Pfizer is our highly skilled workforce. As the global tax environment continues to evolve through the work of the OECD, it is crucial for finance and tax professionals to continue learning with programmes such as ADIT.

ADIT is an invaluable qualification and career enhancer for anyone working in international tax."

Join us on LinkedIn

An Ireland LinkedIn group has been created to provide a platform for you to connect and discuss the international tax profession, as well as ADIT, with other practitioners in Ireland.

The group is a place for you to have a healthy debate on current and emerging international tax issues and opportunities, or to seek discussion on relevant tax subjects (including ADIT in Ireland).