Fees and registration information

Information about ADIT fees and student registration can be found below. If you have any queries, please contact the Education Team.

If you have any queries, please contact the Education Team via the Contact Us page.

ADIT fees

Fees for ADIT students are currently as follows:

  • Student registration: £215
  • Exam entry: £195 per exam paper
  • Extended essay registration: £195
  • Modular certificate: £50 (including courier delivery)
  • Standalone certificate (Principles of International Taxation; Banking; EU Direct Tax; EU VAT; Transfer Pricing; Upstream Oil and Gas): £50 per certificate (including courier delivery)

The ADIT syllabus contains a list of recommended reading for each module, including books, journals and online resources. Discounts are available for some of these materials; details can be found at www.adit.org/discounts.

In addition, if you enrol with a course provider to help prepare for your ADIT exams, you will be required to pay course fees; these fees are set and charged by each course provider independently of the CIOT.

Registration information

ADIT student registration is valid for five years. To register as an ADIT student, or to renew your registration, please click here.

All ADIT exam passes obtained from June 2010 are valid for five years from the date of issue. If you do not complete the qualification before your first pass expires, you will need to resit the previously passed exam.

ADIT extended essay registrations are valid for three years from the date on which the extended essay proposal is approved. Please note that, if your student registration expires during this three year period and you have not yet completed your extended essay, you will need to renew your student registration before submitting your completed essay. Full information about ADIT extended essay registration can be found here.

Exam dates

All ADIT exam options are available in the June exam session. The most popular exam options are also available in the December exam session.

June 2021 exam session (online exams only):

  • Tuesday 8 June 2021: Principles of International Taxation
  • Wednesday 9 June 2021: Jurisdiction modules (All options)
  • Thursday 10 June 2021: Thematic modules (All options)

December 2021 exam session (online exams only):

  • Tuesday 7 December 2021: Principles of International Taxation
  • Wednesday 8 December 2021: Jurisdiction modules (Options 2.03 - Cyprus and 2.09 - United Kingdom)
  • Thursday 9 December 2021: Thematic modules (Options 3.01 - EU Direct Tax, 3.02 - EU VAT and 3.03 - Transfer Pricing)

Exam times

All exams taking place in the United Kingdom begin at 10.00 BST (for June exams) or 10.00 GMT (for December exams). Local start times outside the UK will vary; a list of local start times is published in the candidate instructions approximately one month before each exam session at www.adit.org/candidateinstructions.

Exam deadlines

Candidates should aim to be registered by 30 November if they wish to sit an exam the following June (and 31 May if they wish to sit an exam in December), although registration will remain possible up to the end of January for June exam candidates and the end of July for December exam candidates.

The deadline for receipt of June 2021 exam entries is 31 March. No late entry is possible after this date.

For December 2021 exam entries, the deadline is 16 Septemer. Students who enter for exams after the exam entry deadline incur a £100 late fee; the closing date for late entries is 30 September.

Candidates wishing to sit June exams in a location not listed on the ADIT website should contact the Education Team, or indicate their preferred exam location, by the end of the preceding December. New centre requests for December exams should be submitted by the end of the preceding June.