Student resources

Here you will find a list of resources available to ADIT students.

Tax Adviser

As an ADIT student, you will receive free access to the online edition of Tax Adviser, the CIOT’s monthly and online journal, for the duration of your studies (with continued access should you subscribe as an International Tax Affiliate upon achievement of ADIT).

To view the latest edition, please visit If you wish to subscribe to the print edition of Tax Adviser, please contact customerservice [at]


ADIT Voice

ADIT Voice is an online supplement to Tax Adviser, aimed at ADIT students and international tax professionals. Each edition includes a selection of technical articles on a range of subject areas within international tax, in many cases focusing on the jurisdictions and thematic subjects addressed by the ADIT exam options.

Read previous editions of ADIT Voice.

Study Advance

As an ADIT student you will receive a monthly email, with up-to-date information about the exams and other relevant ADIT updates.

Read editions of the previous ADIT Student Newsletter.

Discounts on studying

Discounts are available on a number of international tax books and resources.


CIOT Library collection

Our collection is housed as part of the law collection of King’s College London, located at the Maughan Library Information Services Centre in Chancery Lane (formerly the Public Records Office). The nearest tube stations are Chancery Lane and Temple. Find out more or contact librarymembership [at]

IBFD Library

The IBFD offers a comprehensive and inexpensive public library service. Visit for more information or to search the catalogue.

In addition to its main collection, the IBFD library also maintains special collections including the Dissertations and Theses Collection, which features some of the most successful ADIT extended essays.

The IBFD also offers a Tax Research Platform (free account setup required), which features a range of international tax information.

Tolley Academy

Tolley Academy offers a range of free-to-access resources including journal and magazine articles relevant to selected ADIT modules.

Branch events

In addition to the UK branch network, the CIOT currently operates seven international branches: Asia Pacific; Australasia; Europe; Guernsey; Hong Kong; Middle East and North Africa; and North America.

If you have a CIOT branch in your region, you are invited to meet and network with other students, International Tax Affiliates and CIOT members. Branches, as their primary function, offer the most affordable CPD training, which, although it may not seem to be relevant to the immediate ADIT exams, will assist you in progressing through your tax career.

Full list of branches

Past papers, suggested answers and sample candidate scripts

Real questions and answers from previous exams are available to ADIT students to help with their study. Practice with previous exams helps students become familiar with the format of the exam, identify areas for further study and focus on exam technique.

A selection of answers from real candidates, who have successfully passed the exams but are not prize winners are also available. These answers can be used alongside the questions from the exam for a comprehensive understanding of the past exams and the standard necessary to pass.

Past papers, suggested answers, Examiners’ reports and sample candidate scripts can be found at

Permitted texts

ADIT exam regulations stipulate that only certain items may be brought into an ADIT exam.

Full details of the materials permitted into each ADIT exam taking place in 2020, including permitted texts, can be found in the ADIT Syllabus.


The ADIT LinkedIn group is popular with current and prospective ADIT students, graduates and International Tax Affiliates as it offers a great platform for professional networking and discussion, together with the latest information on forthcoming courses, seminars and events of interest to international tax practitioners.

You will need to register and join LinkedIn if you wish to view the discussions and participate; however registration is free. To join us on LinkedIn, please click here.


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