How to enter

The on-screen exam method is available for all ADIT exam options, and registering to sit on-screen ADIT exams is just as easy as registering for handwritten exams.

You can enter for on-screen ADIT examinations at, by indicating the on-screen option within the exam entry booking form. Please note that, if you enter to sit on-screen ADIT exams, you will need to ensure that you have access to a laptop with a supported operating system, which you are able to bring to the examination. For further information on system requirements, please click here.

Once you've entered for on-screen ADIT exams, you will receive instructions at least one month prior to your exams to download and install the Exam4 on-screen exam software. Exam4 is reliable, easy to use and designed to run on a wide range of laptop devices.

“After a couple of practice sessions, Exam4 was easy to understand and use.”
Neil Allmark | ADIT student

Other information

There is no additional fee for sitting on-screen ADIT examinations, and the same question paper will be answered by students sitting on-screen and paper-based examinations. All students will continue to have the same time in which to complete each examination – the only difference is in how you answer the questions, either typing on-screen or writing by hand.

If you choose to sit an on-screen ADIT examination, you will need to download the Exam4 system onto the laptop you intend to use prior to the exam, and then bring that laptop to the exam. For a complete list of technical specifications, including supported operating systems, please visit

We encourage all students who decide to enter for on-screen examinations to download and explore the Exam4 system free of charge in advance of the first examination, both to make sure that the software runs correctly on your laptop and so that you do not lose any time acquainting yourself with the system during the examination. Power sockets will be provided in the examination room, and we recommend that you plug your laptop in to avoid battery loss during the examination.

Full information on on-screen ADIT examinations, including candidate FAQs and candidate instructions, and a link to the Exam4 homepage, can be found here. If you have any queries about on-screen ADIT examinations, please contact Rory Clarke at rclarke [at] (subject: ADIT%20on-screen%20exam%20query) .