EU VAT option (June 2015)

The EU VAT option was introduced to the ADIT qualification in 2015, and is included among the subjects currently available for the Module 3: Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) category. The ADIT qualification as a whole now includes five thematic options, together with eleven jurisdiction options, representing roughly two thirds of the global economy.

The EU VAT option is aimed at tax professionals whose work involves dealing with the interaction between EU law and VAT in individual Member States, who desire a global benchmark of quality and achievement in indirect taxation within the European Union.

In order to achieve the ADIT qualification, students must pass Module 1: Principles of International Taxation and any two option modules. Full details of the EU VAT option syllabus can be found below. Success in the EU VAT option is achieved by passing a supervised three hour written exam available in countries around the world, in either a handwritten or on-screen format.