Special consideration

The CIOT recognises that some candidates sit examinations in difficult circumstances and has a process in place which allows you to request special consideration if you feel that your performance in an exam was affected by serious personal circumstances (such as illness or close bereavement during or immediately preceding the exam period, or if you experienced a particular problem on the day of your exam).

Please refer to the policy below for more information:

1. If you decide to proceed with your exam even though you believe that your performance will be affected, you must notify the CIOT within two weeks after sitting the exam so that this may be noted for the review by the Examination Committee.

2. The report must be made in writing by you, with medical confirmation or other evidence if appropriate. The application may be submitted via email, to education [at] adit.org (subject: Special%20consideration) .

3. Where mitigating circumstances arise that affect all candidates at an exam centre, the Presiding Officer supervising the exam will be responsible for reporting the facts to the CIOT. Should you wish to report the matter as well you can of course do so.

4. All reports of mitigating circumstances will be considered by the Examination Committee, who may consult others as they see fit.

5. An awareness of your mitigating circumstances will not necessarily result in additional marks being awarded. The decision for the award of additional marks lies solely at the discretion of the Examination Committee.

6. No report of mitigating circumstances submitted after the publication of the results will be considered.

Withdrawing from the examinations

You may wish to withdraw from the exam if you believe that your performance is likely to be seriously affected by your particular personal circumstances. Please visit www.adit.org/withdrawal for more information on withdrawing from the exams.