Online exams

If you're entering for the June 2021 ADIT exams, you will now be typing your answers. To plan for success, you should familiarise yourself with the method before your exam day. Find out more below.

How it works

Sitting online exams, you’ll use a purpose-built exam application, Exam4, on your laptop or desktop computer. You can sit the exam at a location of your choice, such as your home or office.

To enable you to sit exams in a flexible location, we have published new rules for online exams. Familiarise yourself with the new regulations and equip yourself with the information you need for your exams.

Online exam rules

About the Exam4 app

The Exam4 app is used by a number of leading universities and institutions across Europe and North America. Used by thousands of students since we introduced it in 2014, it has a proven track record for reliability and student satisfaction: ADIT students who have used it say their experience has been very positive.

Compatible with most IT setups

You can use Exam4 on a wide range of laptop and desktop computers; you don't need the latest technology. You only need to be connected to the internet when you launch the exam and when you submit your answers at the end, so a stable internet connection isn't essential.

Exam4 IT specification

What are the advantages of typing compared to handwritten?

Institutions around the world were increasingly turning to typed exams even before COVID-19, and there are a number of advantages to sitting exams this way. 

Flexibility during the exam

Do you remember a time when you finished an answer in an exam, only to think of a crucial point minutes later? With cut, copy and paste functions built into Exam4, you can edit your answers at any time during your exam – without having to cross things out.

More comfortable

Does your writing hand ache after a long exam? Or does it just feel weird to write anything by hand when you spend so many hours typing on a computer each day? By typing your answers using your own computer at home or in your office, you can complete your ADIT exams in a more familiar, comfortable way.

Your answers will be easier to read

With an online exam, you will type your answers using a standardised, easily readable font. That means you won’t have to worry about losing marks because an examiner is unable to read your writing. Let your international tax knowledge do the talking instead.

How can I familiarise myself with Exam4?

The following guidance is available to support you during the online exams:

The best way to familiarise yourself with Exam4 is to download and practice using it as early as possible, on the device you plan to use in your exam.

If you’re sitting ADIT exams in June 2021, you will be able to download Exam4 via the link in your Exam4 download instructions email. You will receive this email on Thursday 13 May.

You are strongly encouraged to download, install and try out Exam4 by Tuesday 25 May to ensure you are familiar with the app ahead of your exams.