On-screen ADIT examinations

All students entering for June ADIT examinations have the choice of sitting their papers either using the traditional, handwritten method or by typing their answers on-screen, using a purpose-built exam software application on a laptop computer. ADIT exams taking place in December are only available using the on-screen method.

The software application used for on-screen ADIT exams, Exam4, is used by a number of leading universities and institutions in the UK, Europe and North America, and has a proven track record for reliability and student satisfaction. Feedback from ADIT students who have used Exam4 in their examinations to date has been very positive, with the system offering a number of key benefits over traditional, paper-based exams.

Candidates sitting on-screen ADIT exams in June 2020 will be able to download Exam4 using the CIOT download portal, from Thursday 14 May. Candidates are strongly encouraged to download, install and run Exam4 by 29 May, in order to ensure familiarity with the software ahead of the exams.

For guidance on downloading and running Exam4, during the June 2020 exam session, please click here.

Benefits to students

If you are an ADIT student, you can take advantage of the following benefits offered by on-screen exams.

Greater flexibility
Have you ever concluded an answer in an exam, only to then remember a crucial point which you missed? With cut, copy and paste functions built into Exam4, you can edit your answers during the course of an exam, and easily add in those vital points.

Increased comfort
Do you find it physically uncomfortable to write continuously for long periods? Perhaps you haven’t sat an exam for several years and have fallen out of the habit of writing by hand for extended periods? With computers more widely used than ever before, prolonged handwriting has become an ever less frequent part of our lifestyles, and by typing your answers on-screen, using your own laptop, you can complete your ADIT exams in a more familiar, more comfortable manner.

Improved clarity and piece of mind
If you’ve ever been worried about the legibility of your handwriting, especially when writing at high speed or for long periods of time, then typing your answers using a standardised, easily readable font will mean you never have to endure the stress of worrying about lost marks due to the examiner not being able to read your work. With on-screen ADIT exams, you can let your international tax knowledge do the talking.

Available twice a year
Unlike the handwritten ADIT exams, which are available during the June exam session only, on-screen ADIT exams are available in both the June and December exam sessions.

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