Exam day FAQs

You can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help guide you on the day of your ADIT exam below.

If you have a question about the ADIT exam day which is not listed among the Frequent Asked Questions below, please contact the Education Team at info [at] adit.org.uk or telephone +44 (0)20 7340 0550.

How do I know where to go?

Approximately six weeks before the exam, you will be sent a candidate notification email with your unique candidate number, and the time and location of the exam. It will include a link to a map and detailed candidate instructions which explain the identification you are required to bring along with you, together with other important information.

If you are sitting at a special exam centre, the candidate notification email will contain contact details to enable you to arrange payment of your exam hosting fee to the centre.

Can I still sit the exam if I have forgotten my candidate letter on the day of the exam?

Yes. You will be asked some additional identification questions (normally to confirm your address), and then given a replacement letter to complete.

Can I still sit the exam if I have forgotten my identification?

It is very important that you bring appropriate identification to the exam centre, but if you forget you can still sit the examination. We will ask you to provide a certified copy of your identification within 48 hours of the exam.

What if I am ill and cannot attend?

If you cannot attend due to illness, please email the Education Team no later than two weeks after the date of your exam. We will need medical evidence to consider a deferral of your entry. Detailed information can be found online at www.adit.org.uk/deferral.

What if I am ill on the day?

If you are ill during the exam, please alert the Presiding Officer. You will also need to email the Education Team if you feel your exam performance has been affected by illness (or other mitigating circumstances) on the day of the exam, no later than two weeks after the date of your exam. Detailed information can be found online at www.adit.org.uk/specialconsideration.

How soon before the exam should I get to the exam centre?

You need to allow yourself plenty of time to get to the venue, especially if you have not been there before. You might consider a trial run to the venue before the actual exam day. If you are using the on-screen method, you should be ready to take your place at least 20 minutes prior to the start of each paper. If you are using the handwritten method, you should be ready to take your place 15 minutes prior to the start of each paper.

What should I do if I am late?

Firstly, don't panic!

You will be allowed entry to the hall if you arrive within the first 30 minutes of the exam. Please be considerate to the other candidates and be as quiet as possible.

What books can I bring in?

You are allowed to bring in bound copies of the legislation. A list of the permitted texts for each ADIT exam can be found at www.adit.org.uk/studentresources and will also be detailed in your candidate instructions.

Can I write in the permitted texts?

Other than writing your name at the front, you are not allowed to annotate the text, use 'post-its', tagging, fold over pages, or use any other forms of bookmarking or notepaper. The text can however be underlined, sidelined and highlighted. Please be aware that invigilators may check your books and will confiscate any texts that do not adhere to these guidelines, and report any such violations to the CIOT.

What type of calculator can I use?

You may use any calculator except one with an alpha-numeric keyboard (a calculator with a full keyboard of letters). Please be aware that calculators may not be used during the 15 minutes' reading time.

What size are the desks?

In most centres, desks are standard size exam desks, measuring approximately 600 x 600mm; however this cannot always be guaranteed. You will need to arrange your legislation on and around your desk, bearing in mind that the aisles need to be kept clear for access.

Can I bring food and drink into the exam?

Most exam venues have access to drinking water. You may also bring in your own odourless food and drink within reason. Please bear in mind the size of the desk and consider your fellow candidates.

Can I leave the hall during the exam?

If you wish to take a bathroom break, an invigilator will escort you. If you wish to leave the hall for any other reason, you will not be allowed back into the hall. You may not leave the hall for any reason during the last 10 minutes of the exam.

What happens at the end of the exam?

You must stop writing or typing when told to do so, and have your answer booklet and question paper ready for collection. If you are typing your answers on-screen, you will be instructed to end the exam and submit your answers electronically.

Please ensure you write the candidate number and question number/s at the top of each of the pages you have used during the exam as no additional time will be allowed for this at the end of the exam. Your candidate number may be taken and be reported to the CIOT if you continue to write after the end of the examination.

Can I take my question paper away with me?

No. You are not permitted to take away your question paper or the answer booklets.

How and when will I get my result?

Pass lists are available to download from the ADIT website at www.adit.org.uk/results on the results publication day. Follow-up emails are then sent, containing the total marks you achieved in the paper(s) sat.

Why does it take so long to get my result?

The initial marking of the papers is completed by the examiners who have set the questions. This takes about four weeks. This is then followed by a stringent quality check which includes a moderation process as well as rigorous statistical analysis. We believe this process gives candidates the assurance that the mark they achieve is complete and accurate.

Can I appeal against my result?

We do have a recheck policy, whereby you can apply to have your mark checked again. We do emphasise that this is not a re-mark but a check of all the procedures involved in getting you your result. There is a £35 fee for this service per paper, which is refunded if there is a material change to your mark (e.g. a fail to a pass). You much apply for this recheck within 21 working days of the results date.

You may also apply for a breakdown of the marks you received by question. The fee for this is £15 and there is no time restriction as to when you can apply for this.

Further information on the ADIT post-result services can be found online at www.adit.org.uk/postresults.