Exam centres

To provide the greatest possible convenience to ADIT students, ADIT exams can be sat at a wide range of locations around the world.

All exam hosting fees for our most popular exam centres, categorised as regular exam centres, are included in the ADIT exam entry fee.

Candidates choosing to sit ADIT exams at a special exam centre incur an additional hosting fee, to be paid directly to the centre.

The following exam centres will be available to candidates sitting exams during the December 2019 exam session.

Regular exam centres (no additional exam centre fee payable)

Bahrain | Manama
Brazil | São Paulo
China | Beijing
Cyprus | Nicosia
Egypt | Cairo
Greece | Athens
Hong Kong | Hong Kong
India | Chennai
India | Delhi
India | Mumbai
Indonesia | Jakarta
Ireland | Dublin
Kazakhstan | Almaty
Kenya | Nairobi
Luxembourg | Lux'bourg
Malta | Valletta
Mauritius | Beau Bassin
Nigeria | Lagos
Romania | Bucharest
Singapore | Singapore
Slovakia | Bratislava
Spain | Madrid
Switzerland | Lucerne
UAE | Dubai
Uganda | Kampala
UK | London
USA | New York
Zimbabwe | Harare

Special exam centres (additional exam centre fee payable)*

Australia | Perth
Azerbaijan | Baku
Bangladesh | Dhaka
Botswana | Gaborone
Bulgaria | Sofia
BVI | Road Town
Cameroon | Yaoundé
France | Paris
Georgia | Tbilisi
Germany | Hamburg
Ghana | Accra
Iceland | Reykjavik
India | Bangalore
Jamaica | Kingston
Japan | Tokyo
Jersey | St. Helier
Latvia | Riga
Lebanon | Beirut
Netherlands | Amsterdam
Oman | Muscat
Pakistan | Islamabad
Poland | Warsaw
Qatar | Doha
Russia | Moscow
Rwanda | Kigali
Saudi Arabia | Jeddah
South Africa | Jo'burg
South Korea | Seoul
Spain | Barcelona
Tanzania | Dar es Salaam
Turkey | Istanbul
Ukraine | Kiev
USA | Atlanta
USA | Chicago
Vietnam | Hanoi
Zambia | Lusaka

* All exam centre fees for special exam centres are paid directly to the centre.

If you wish to sit at a special exam centre, you will need to contact the centre directly and make arrangements for payment of the additional exam hosting fee, in addition to completing your ADIT exam entry. Further information about all exam centres, including precise locations and contact details for special exam centres, will be available in due course.

Exam hosting fees are at the discretion of each special exam centre, and will depend on a range of factors including local costs and prices, and the number of candidates sitting at each centre. We are therefore unable to give a precise indication as to the fees. However, many of the fees which we have been quoted by special ADIT exam centres around the world fall within the range of £60 to £150 per candidate, per exam, so it is likely (though not guaranteed) that the fee which you are quoted will be within this range.

Regular exam centres are reviewed after each ADIT exam session, so special exam centres which prove popular may be 'promoted' to regular centre status. Requests for additional exam centres are considered ahead of each ADIT exam session, and approved subject to a number of factors determined by the CIOT.