Enter for the ADIT exams

Late entry is currently open; an additional £100 late fee currently applies. The final date for December 2020 exam entry is Wednesday 30 September.

If you are unable to complete your exam entry online (for example, if you are unable to pay via credit card, debit card or employer invoice), you may request a manual exam entry form via email at education [at] adit.org (subject: ADIT%20exam%20entry%20form%20request) .

Exam dates and times

The exams will take place on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 8 December 2020: Principles of International Taxation
  • Wednesday 9 December 2020: Jurisdiction modules (All options)
  • Thursday 10 December 2020: Thematic modules (All options)

All exams taking place in the United Kingdom begin at 10.00 GMT. Local start times for candidates sitting outside the UK will vary; a list of local start times is published in the candidate instructions approximately one month before each exam session.

Online exams

All ADIT exams this December will be sat remotely. This means you will be typing your answers, sitting at the location of your choice: at home or in your office. Find out more about online ADIT exams.

When you complete your exam entry, we will still ask you to specify where you plan to sit your exams as this will determine local start times. We therefore ask you to select your location from the list of cities on the exam entry form or, if your location is not listed, select 'Other' and email us at education [at] adit.org to let us know where you plan to sit your exams.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For information about coronavirus and ADIT exam services, please visit our coronavirus page.

Employer invoicing

If you chose to have your employer invoiced as part of the student registration process, this will apply to any subsequent applications for exam entry, thesis registration and/or student registration renewal which you make until you inform us otherwise.

You must notify the CIOT if you change your employer, as this will enable us to update the invoice details for any applications you make.

An invoice is usually issued by our Finance Team within ten working days from when you submit your application. However, during peak periods this may take longer, so please bear with us if your employer has not yet received the invoice; this will not affect your exam entry.

The invoice must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Most employers choose to pay by bank transfer. Failure to pay the invoice in a timely manner may result in your ADIT student registration, exam entry or extended essay registration being rejected or placed on hold.

It is not possible to login to the website to pay an invoice once you have made an application. If you have a query relating to employer invoicing, please contact us.