Discounts on studying

Discounts are available to ADIT students on selected international tax books and resources.

If you hold a current ADIT student registration, you are entitled to the following discounts:

Quote your six-digit ADIT number when claiming a discount.

Discounts on courses

We are committed to promoting accessible international tax education and strengthening the administration of tax around the world. ADIT is an increasingly popular option for fiscal authorities seeking to improve their employees' international tax skills and expertise.

ADIT students working for fiscal authorities in Africa can benefit from a discount on the cost of Tolley Exam Training's distance learning packages.

To claim this discount, you will need to email naina.shah [at] (subject: ADIT%20course%20discount%20for%20fiscal%20authorities%20in%20Africa) from an African fiscal authority email address, providing the name and email address of a senior colleague within your fiscal authority for verification purposes.