Modular certificate FAQs

The following Frequently Asked Questions are designed to assist International Tax Practitioners and ADIT students who are interested in obtaining an ADIT modular certificate.

If you have read the FAQs and still can't find what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Education Team who can assist at info [at]

What is the modular certificate? What modules does it cover?

A modular certificate is available to any ADIT student who has passed both the Principles of International Taxation module and any one of the sixteen available option modules.

You can find detailed information about each ADIT module at

How does the modular certificate compare to the full ADIT qualification?

The modular certificate is open to all ADIT students, upon completion of their second exam (provided one of the exams passed is the Principles of International Taxation module). Full ADIT certification is offered to ADIT students upon completion of their third module.

The following diagram shows an example of a route that an ADIT student may take to achieve both a modular certificate (upon completion of the second module) and the full ADIT qualification (upon completion of the third module).

The modular certificate also offers a convenient route to certification for professionals working in specialised areas of international tax, such as the taxation of upstream oil and gas activities or EU VAT law, who may pursue the Principles of International Taxation module and their corresponding option module long before selecting and passing the third module required to achieve the full ADIT qualification.

Can I still complete ADIT if I apply for a modular certificate?

Yes! As an ADIT student, achieving a modular certificate does not affect your eligibility to complete the full ADIT qualification. Indeed, we expect most ADIT students to treat the modular certificate as a ‘stepping stone’ en route to full ADIT certification.

Will I still receive a certificate when I complete the ADIT qualification?

All ADIT students are recognised as ADIT graduates and receive the ADIT qualification certificate, signed by the President of the CIOT and a member of the ADIT Academic Board, upon completion of their third module. The qualification certificate will continue to be awarded, regardless of whether the individual already holds a modular certificate.

All other benefits awarded to ADIT graduates, including an invitation to a CIOT Admission Ceremony, are also unaffected by the modular certificate.

How many modular certificates can I apply for? Is the modular certificate time-limited?

Because the modular certificate is intended as a stepping stone to full ADIT certification, each ADIT student is limited to applying for one modular certificate. However, once you become eligible for your modular certificate, you’ll only have one remaining module left to complete in order to achieve the ADIT qualification and obtain full ADIT certification!

Once you become eligible, you may apply for a modular certificate at any time. The modular certificate is not time-limited, although you will need to hold the required ADIT exam passes in order to apply for it, and each ADIT exam pass has a validity period of five years.

I already hold the full ADIT qualification. Can I apply for a modular certificate?

ADIT graduates and International Tax Affiliates are welcome to apply for a modular certificate (and, indeed, may choose to sit additional ADIT exams in order to further develop their international tax expertise). When applying for the modular certificate, you will need to select which of your completed option modules you wish to be included on the certificate.

How much does the modular certificate cost?

The ADIT modular certificate costs £50, including special or courier delivery.

How do I apply?

Once you have completed Principles of International Taxation and one ADIT option module, you will be eligible to apply for a modular certificate.

To apply, please download and complete the bank transfer payment form and return it to info [at] (subject: Modular%20certificate) once you have arranged the bank transfer; our bank details can be found on the form.