A full ADIT qualification certificate is issued to each student who successfully achieves the ADIT qualification, upon completion of the student's final exam.

In addition, ADIT students who successfully complete Principles of International Taxation and one of the module options may apply for a modular certificate recognising their partial ADIT achievement. Students who pass either of the two most popular ADIT modules can alternatively apply for standalone certification. Applying for either a modular or standalone certificate is entirely optional, and does not affect a student's entitlement to the full ADIT certificate, or the other benefits offered to ADIT graduates, upon achievement of the full qualification.

ADIT qualification certificate

Each new ADIT graduate receives a certificate recognising achievement of the full ADIT qualification. This certificate is issued free of charge, and confirms that the graduate has completed the three exams (or two exams and an extended essay) necessary to achieve the ADIT qualification.

Qualification certificates are produced and issed following each ADIT exam session, to all new graduates who completed the ADIT qualification during that session. New ADIT graduates who register to attend the CIOT Admission Ceremony will receive their certificates in person. Certificates for graduates who are unable to attend the ceremony are issued via post, following the ceremony.

ADIT qualification certificates issued to graduates living in the Republic of Ireland are recognised by the Irish Tax Institute (ITI), and display the ITI logo in addition to the ADIT logo. ADIT qualification certificates issued to graduates living in Spain are recognised by the Asociación Española de Asesores Fiscales (AEDAF), and display the AEDAF logo in addition to the ADIT logo.

If you have completed the ADIT qualification, your qualification certificate will be issued to you automatically. However, should your address change between the date on which you received your final exam results and the date of the Admission Ceremony, please notify us at info [at] adit.org.uk, as this will enable us to ensure that all certificates and correspondence are issued to the correct address.

Modular certificates

A modular certificate is available to any ADIT student who has passed the exams for both Principles of International Taxation and one option module.

Each modular certificate is designed to enable a student to demonstrate expertise in both the fundamentals of international tax and a specialist subject area.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the modular certificate, please click here.

The fee for the modular certificate is £25. To apply for a modular certificate, please click here.

Standalone certificates

Standalone certificates are available for students who have passed either Principles of International Taxation or the Transfer Pricing option module.

The Principles of International Taxation and Transfer Pricing certificates each recognise a student's achievement in completing the corresponding ADIT exam, and thereby demonstrate expertise in the individual subject examined.

The fee for each standalone certificate is £25. To apply for a standalone certificate, please click here.