Issue 13, February 2018


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Hello and welcome to the February 2018 edition of the ADIT Student Newsletter. I hope you are having a happy 2018 so far.

This edition includes all the latest ADIT news, including a round-up of the most recent exam session and Admission Ceremony, news of the latest ADIT promotional activities and events, details of forthcoming tuition courses, information about a new ADIT prize, and advice for students planning to sit exams.

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Key Exam Dates

28 February 2018 June 2018 exam entry deadline (entries received after this date incur a £100 late fee)
30 March 2018 Deadline for late June 2018 exam entries
1 May 2018 Candidates receive notification of exam sittings via email
17 May 2018 Exam4 download portal opens for June 2018 on-screen exams
12-14 June 2018 June 2018 exams take place
8 August 2018 (20.00 BST) Publication of June 2018 pass lists at
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Past Papers

If you’re planning to sit ADIT exams this June, we encourage you to take the opportunity to download previous question papers and suggested solutions for your chosen exams from our website at

Please note that the published past papers should only be used as a study and revision aid; questions will of course vary considerably between exam sittings, and the past papers are not updated for subsequent case law and legislative changes.

Reading lists for all ADIT exams are available in the ADIT Syllabus, available at

Keep Up-To-Date

This year's ADIT Student Calendar is available to download here.

The calendar includes all the year's key ADIT dates and deadlines, to help you plan your studies for your chosen exams.

You can also keep on top of the latest information and deadlines by following @CIOTADITStudent on Twitter.


Wood Mackenzie Prize

We are very pleased to announce the establishment of a new ADIT prize, which will be sponsored by Wood Mackenzie and awarded to the ADIT student who achieves the highest scoring exam pass in the Upstream Oil and Gas module.

Wood Mackenzie is recognised as a leading provider of research and consultancy services for the global energy, chemicals, metals and mining industries. You can find details of the various ADIT awards at

The establishment of the Wood Mackenzie Prize marks an increasing number of entries for the Upstream Oil and Gas module, as tax professionals from a range of energy companies embark upon their ADIT studies together with advisers at professional service firms who assist clients in matters relating to the taxation of the oil and gas industry.

The inaugural Wood Mackenzie Prize is scheduled to be awarded following the June 2018 exam session, and we hope to welcome the recipient of the Prize, together with other ADIT award winners, to an Admission Ceremony where they will receive the Prize from a representative of Wood Mackenzie.


Promoting ADIT in Academia and Industry

The diversity of the international tax community is reflected once again in our recent ADIT marketing activities, including exhibitions and presentations at events in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Special international tax seminar events took place at the University of Edinburgh on Friday 20 October 2017 and Nottingham Trent University on Wednesday 10 January 2018, during which students learned first hand about ADIT, a range of topical tax issues, and some tips for a career in international tax. Discussions were led by Jim Robertson CTA, former VP Tax Americas at Shell and current chair of the ADIT Sub-Committee and Academic Board, and Martin Saluveer CTA, former Tax Partner at Deloitte.

We were also delighted to present ADIT at the 28th annual International Petroleum Tax Conference, organised by the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) in Oslo on 31 October and 1 November. The event was attended by over 80 delegates, including leaders from organisations across the oil and gas sector, including energy companies, professional service firms and government, from across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We would like to thank the University of Edinburgh, Nottingham Trent University and the NPF for welcoming our participation at their respective events, and the attending delegates for their interest and time in discussing ADIT and its benefits as an international tax benchmark.

You can find further information about our recent and forthcoming ADIT promotional activities on the ADIT Noticeboard, via the button below.


Exam Roundup

A total of 404 students sat on-screen ADIT exams between 12 and 14 December 2017, in 40 cities around the world including the first ever ADIT exam sittings in Atlanta, Canberra and Hamburg.

309 students passed at least one ADIT exam in December, while 55 students have completed ADIT in the last six months and can now add the post-nominals 'ADIT' after their name. Nearly 800 tax practitioners have successfully achieved ADIT around the world since the qualification was launched.

We offer our congratulations to everyone who achieved the ADIT qualification, or passed an exam, and our commiserations to those students who were unsuccessful in their exams on this occasion.

Pass lists for the December 2017 exams, along with the names of all new ADIT graduates, can be found at

A full ADIT certificate will be awarded to each new ADIT graduate, recognising their achievement of the qualification. In addition, students who hold passes for both the Principles of International Taxation module and any one option module may apply for a modular certificate recognising their partial ADIT achievement. Further details can be found at

ADIT graduates are invited to subscribe as International Tax Affiliates of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, thus retaining access to CIOT branch events, CPD and networking opportunities, and a range of tax resources. For more information, please visit

Are you planning to sit ADIT exams in June 2018? The deadline to enter is 28 February. You can enter at


CIOT Admission Ceremonies

ADIT awards and certificates were presented to a record number of successful ADIT students at the most recent CIOT Admission Ceremony, which took place at the Drapers' Hall in central London on Thursday 23 November 2017.

The following awards were presented for the highest marks attained in the June 2017 ADIT exams:

  • The Heather Self Medal was won by Kurt Farrugia, who is employed by KPMG in Naxxar, Malta.
  • The International Fiscal Association Prize was won by Naomi Wells, who is employed by Wilkins Kennedy in London, United Kingdom.
  • The Raymond Kelly Medal was won by Emily Down, who is employed by Deloitte in St Albans, United Kingdom.
  • The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers Medal was won by John Kagiri, who is employed by PwC in London.
  • The Croner-i Prize was won by Rory McGrath, who is employed by HMRC in Leeds, United Kingdom.

ADIT award winners, graduates and International Tax Affiliates celebrate their achievement with CIOT President John Preston.

In addition, new ADIT graduates and International Tax Affiliates of the CIOT from countries including Egypt, India and Peru were presented with their certificates at the ceremony.

Those who have completed ADIT since the most recent Ceremony, together with award winners from the December 2017 exam session, are invited to attend the next CIOT Admission Ceremony in May 2018.


ADIT at the IFA USA Annual Conference

We look forward to exhibiting ADIT to delegates at the USA Branch of the International Fiscal Assocation (IFA)'s 46th Annual Conference in Houston, on 22 and 23 February.

The Conference will feature high-profile speakers from advisory firms, industry and government, addressing a range of contemporary US and international tax issues.

The Conference will be preceded by the 2018 Energy Tax Symposium, which takes place on Wednesday 21 February and promises to be an ideal opportunity to meet with representatives from across the energy sector and promote the ADIT Upstream Oil and Gas module.

For more information about these events, and to reserve a place, please click on the button below.

More Info

Future Events

ADIT students and International Tax Affiliates are welcome to participate in any of the following events. To find out more details about an event, please click on the More Info link.

21-23 February

2018 Energy Tax Symposium and IFA USA 46th Annual Conference | More Info
The Houstonian, Houston, TX, USA

15 March

IBFD APAC Tax Event 2018 | More Info
The Gardens Hotel & Residences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

20 March
CIOT/ATT London Branch International Tax Conference | More Info
King's College London, London, UK
20-21 March

Informa TP Minds International 2018 | More Info
Hilton Bankside, London, UK

22 March

International Tax Review Indirect Tax Forum 2018 | More Info
The College Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

15-16 May

IFA Canada Annual Conference 2018 | More Info
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada

25 June

CIOT/ATT London Branch International Tax Meeting | More Info
Mazars, London, UK

2-6 September
72nd IFA Annual Congress | More Info
COEX, Seoul, Korea

If you would like to recommend an event for ADIT participation, or for enquiries about networking opportunities and ADIT promotional materials, please contact us at info [at]


Future Courses

Course providers offer ADIT-relevant courses around the world. These courses can be an ideal way of supplementing your exam preparation or simply enhancing your understanding of a topic. To enrol, please contact the course provider or click on More Info.

All courses are offered independently of the CIOT. Courses do not include ADIT exam entry; exam entries must be made directly to the CIOT. Course bookings and payments are made to the course provider.

Altium Training | Website
Principles of International Taxation course | 17 February - 3 June | Athens, Greece | More Info

DJH International Tax | Website
United States module course | 26-29 March | London, UK | More Info
Principles of International Taxation course | 16-18 April | London, UK | More Info
Transfer Pricing module course | 23-25 April | London, UK | More Info

Globaltraining | Website
Cyprus module course | 24 February - 1 June | Nicosia, Cyprus | More Info
EU VAT module course | 1 March - 7 June | Online | More Info
Principles of International Taxation course | 2 March - 26 May | Nicosia, Cyprus | More Info
Transfer Pricing module course | 9 March - 2 June | Limassol, Cyprus | More Info

IBFD | Website
Principles of International Taxation course | 26 February - 2 March | Amsterdam, Netherlands | More Info
EU VAT module course | 14-16 March | Amsterdam, Netherlands | More Info
United States module course | 24-26 April | Amsterdam, Netherlands | More Info
Transfer Pricing module course | Online | More Info

Sheltons International Tax Training Institute | Website
Principles of International Taxation course | 11-15 March | Dubai, UAE | More Info

Tolley Exam Training | Website
Principles of International Taxation course | 13-14 February, 7-9 March and 29 May - 1 June | London, UK | More Info
Transfer Pricing module course | 15-16 February, 26-28 March and 8-11 May | London, UK | More Info
EU Direct Tax module course | 19-20 February, 12-14 March and 1-4 May | London, UK | More Info
United Kingdom module course | 21-22 February, 21-23 March and 14-18 May | London, UK | More Info
EU VAT module course | Online | More Info
Upstream Oil and Gas module course | Online | More Info

ToMiVer | Website
Principles of International Taxation course | 13-19 April | Almaty, Kazakhstan | More Info
EU Direct Tax module course | 13-19 April | Almaty, Kazakhstan | More Info
Transfer Pricing module course | 13-19 April | Almaty, Kazakhstan | More Info
Upstream Oil and Gas module course | 13-19 April | Almaty, Kazakhstan | More Info 

This is not an exhaustive list of ADIT courses, but reflects a selection of those which have been recently announced and circulated to the CIOT. For further information on ADIT courses and course providers, please visit our website at

Course providers are listed alphabetically.