Continue your studies

The social distancing measures introduced in many countries to limit the spread of COVID-19 will have likely affected the way you approach your studies. Here you will find helpful resources to help you continue studying, and prepare to sit exams in December 2020.

The impact of COVID-19 around the world is unprecedented, and many countries are in lockdown to limit the spread of the virus. This has meant that we are all having to change how we work and live.

Like many other organisations, we had to cancel our June 2020 exams to protect the health and wellbeing of our students, colleagues and partners. This remains our priority, but we also continue to do what we can to support your studies and your career during this difficult time.

Adapt your studies

Where possible, we encourage you to carry on studying. This may be quite a challenge at the moment, as you might feel less motivated than usual, or your priorities couldbe elsewhere. We recognise that, and will continue to expand the level of student support we provide, to enable you to continue your ADIT journey.

We have consulted with course providers to develop this list of online courses available for the December 2020 session:

Online courses

While you may feel nervous about trying online courses, the fundamental role of tutors is the same – to help you build your knowledge, skills and confidence, to give you the tools you need to succeed in your exam.

Research, research, research

Not all online courses are the same, so research the available options before you make your decision. We’ve prepared some guides to help you get started:

If you had already registered for a classroom course, we recommend that you contact your course provider to discuss whether your course will be affected.