CIOT Committees

The CIOT has a strong committee structure which carries out original work on such subjects as the study of tax legislation, international relations in the taxation field and tax training. 


But what's in it for you?

Develop technically - Access leading edge thinking by joining one of our committees. 

Recommend and input on HMRC policy
Liaise with HMRC, the Treasury and the European Commission in an environment different from day-to-day practice
Time spent on Committee work may count towards CPD non-reading requirements

Meet others with difference experience - meeting people from many different backgrounds and practices. All will share your interest in working towards a better tax system in the widest sense.

Develop your skills base in a safe environment - Personal and Professional

Develop a range of skills you would not necessarily learn in your day job.

How to chair a committee (developing this skill when you chair your first partner meeting is probably not ideal!!)
How to run a small business as treasurer, secretary or chairman of the branch
Organise successful events and exercise your creative marketing skills.

Our standing committees are detailed below, follow the links to the individual committee membership.