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Creating a CIOT website account is a free and simple, once only process.

Once you have registered with this site, you will be offered the chance to update your profile to tell us more about you.

Please ensure that you enter your name as it is held on your official documents, such as your birth certificate or passport, as all documentation will be issued under this name. You will need to bring identification that matches the name you have entered on our system, to any examinations you have entered.

If have already registered with the site but do not know your account details, please enter in your email address and we will email you your password. You will be asked the change this when logging in. If you do not know your email address, please call 0844 579 6700.

If you are a CIOT member then you are already automatically registered on this site and you should not create another account as it will not be linked to your membership profile.

Please note that this is NOT registering as a Student. You can do this under the student application section.

Are you a Member or Student of CIOT/ATT?
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