10 important changes to the CTA examinations that you need to know

The CIOT is introducing a number of important changes to the CTA examinations from this May.

Following on from the work of the CTA Examination Review Sub-Committee who devised the new CTA examination structure which was first launched in November 2017, many of the changes are effective from this May’s examination session.

To make sure you are aware of the key changes, we’ve condensed them into our top 10:

1. Confirmation of Eligibility – no longer required

2. Credit against the Application and Interaction paper – no longer available. This paper is now a mandatory paper within the qualification (except for those on the ACA CTA Joint Programme)

3. Exemption from sitting the Awareness paper, now possible if certain qualifications held

4. Application and Interaction – renamed and revised as Application and Professional Skills (APS)

5. Advisory – renamed Advanced Technical

6. Introduction of a Principles of Accounting Computer Based Examination (CBE) – exemptions are available for this

7. Period for which credits for the CTA written exams passed are valid for increased from five to seven sittings

8. Direct and Indirect tax routes merged

9. Indirect tax papers syllabi updated

10. Advanced Technical corporate tax papers ACT (Advanced Corporation Tax) and TOMC (Taxation of Major Corporates) amalgamated (from May 2018)

To read more in depth information about these changes please visit: www.tax.org.uk/students-and-qualifications/revised-cta-examination