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Local agent participation - Manchester

The Inland Revenue have asked us to issue the following invitation to members in the Manchester area. The Inland Revenue Area Director, Service for Manchester (Mr Chris Buxton), has notified us of the difficulties that are being experienced in obtaining local agent participation.

To get the Working Together ball rolling the Manchester area have held a couple of presentational events and now want to move on to a more regular WT arrangement. Making contact at a local level with agents has proved less successful than hoped, with enquiries generating a range of 'not me guv', 'don't know who you should contact' or no response at all.

Would members who would be prepared to act as representatives for the CIOT at WT meetings within Manchester please contact:

Gill Davidson or Carole Roberts (Area WT contacts) at

Albert Bridge House
15th Floor
1 Bridge Street
Greater Manchester M60 9AF
Tel No: 0161 288 6182 (Gill)
0161 288 6054 (Carole)

Alternatively, please contact Debbie Ward, Working Together Communications Manager, on:

Phone 020 7438 8464
Fax 020 7438 6042

This information has been brought to you by the Technical Department (tel 020 7235 9381).


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