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Working Together Bulletin - Issue 5

The latest issue is available [HERE] along with Richard Mannion's introduction and contents.
Still Working Together!

When I became the President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation in May 2000 my main objective was to work with the Inland Revenue and the other professional bodies through Working Together, to do something about the practical problems which crop up in general practice in particular from Self Assessment.

So what has been achieved in the last 12 months? The CIOT, ICAEW, ATT, ACCA, ICAS and the CCAB in Northern Ireland are all signed up to work together with the Inland Revenue. At the last count local meetings were taking place in 15 of the 60 main areas throughout the country, with “talks about talks” underway in another 14 areas. Well over 100 issues have been reported to the Inland Revenue Head Office for specialist attention and 5 Working Together Bulletins have been issued to publicise outcomes.

It is no part of our brief to get involved in policy issues. These are down to the politicians and there are well established routes elsewhere for consultation with the professional bodies. But once policy has been legislated the Inland Revenue has to administer the system and that is where Working Together comes in. Our aim is to identify areas where the system is not working satisfactorily and to try to achieve a practical solution. It is vital that we as practitioners try to understand the Revenue’s position and vice versa. In many instances we have identified a commonality of purpose - in other words if it works for the agent it also works for the Revenue.

Much has been achieved in a short space of time. Perhaps the most significant outcome is that the Inland Revenue now appreciates the importance of agents as a group of customers. We do not pretend to have achieved perfection and much more still needs to be done with items on the register. In some ways the project has been the victim of its own success in terms of being swamped by the number of issues being reported. However the Revenue now have a dedicated team of 5 people on Working Together; with the personal support of the Deputy Chairman, Ann Chant. The response of the Revenue has been extremely positive with a real desire to understand the problems and get them sorted out.

My year as President of the CIOT may be over but Working Together is still young and I intend to continue working with the Revenue, to watch it grow.

Richard Mannion


-Introduction by Richard Mannion
-Foot and Mouth Disease - What we are doing to help
-Changes to BACS Information
-Class 2 NIC - Late notification penalty
-“Sheer hog-wash”
-Inland Revenue Shares Valuation and the Fiscal Valuation Forum
-London - Transfer of SA processing work
-ITSA Enquiries Review
-2000/2001 Self Assessment Tax Return
-Tax Return Filing - “Spreading the Load”
-Update on Electronic Lodgement Service
-SA Statements of Account and Agents
-Internet Service for Self Assessment
-Errors In 2000/2001 Tax Returns and Guidance
-Business Journeys in Employees’ Own Vehicles - P11D reporting
-So, can a One-Person Company ever get a Dispensation, or not?
-Full Enquiries into Company Accounts
-Uninformative ITSA Repayment Notifications
-Internet Service for PAYE
-Duplicate Coding Notices to Agents - At last!



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