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Technical Committee Who's Who

Technical Committee Membership and Staff Contacts

Bill Dodwell


Adrian Rudd

Peter Dylewski


Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman of VAT (& Other Indirect Taxes)

John Barnett

CGT and Investment Income Sub-Committee Chairman

Colin Ben-Nathan

Employment Taxes Sub-Committee Chairman

Nigel Clarke

Glyn Fullelove

Andrew Gotch

Working Together Chairman

International Taxes Sub-Committee Chairman

Owner Managed Business Sub-Committee Chairman

Martyn Gowar

Succession Taxes Sub-Committee Chairman

John Lindsay

Corporate Tax Sub-Committee Chairman

Simon Newark

Jonathan Preshaw

VAT (& Other Indirect Taxes) Sub-Committee Chairman

Management of Taxes Sub-Committee Chairman

Brian Slater

Jeremy Woolf

Property Taxes Sub-Committee Chairman

EU & Human Rights Sub-Committee Chairman and CFE Fiscal Committee representative

Paul Aplin

Charlotte Barbour

ICAEW Tax Faculty


Stephen Coleclough

John Cullinane

Paul Hill

Andrew Hubbard

Alex McDougall

Vincent Oratore

Patrick Stevens

Anthony Thomas

John Whiting

ExO (President) and CFE Fiscal Committee Chairman

Large Business Representative

ATT TSG Chairman



ExO and Special Banking and Financial Products representative

ExO (Past President)

ExO (LITRG Chairman)


Professional staff

Matthew Brown

Margaret Curran

Sacha Dalton

Technical Officer (Employment Taxes & Owner Managed Business)

Technical Officer (Management of Taxes & Owner Managed Business)

Technical Officer (Corporate, International and EU & Human Rights)

Maric Glaser

Technical Officer (VAT and other indirect taxes)

Ruth Mace

Stephen Relf

Will Silsby

Tina Smeaton

John Stockdale

Alison Ward

Technical Team Administrator

CIOT Technical Team Leader

ATT Technical Officer

Technical Officer (Working Together)

Technical Officer (Succession Taxes)

ATT Technical Officer

Robin Williamson

Kate Willis

LITRG Representative

Technical Officer (Property Taxes & CGT and Investment Income)

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