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Briefings and Technical Newdesk December 2011

Briefings and Technical Newsdesk December 2011

Page Article
8 ADIT examination date change
All-island tax seminar
LITRG - HMRC must retain non-online options for dealing with businesses
9 In memoriam
ATT President steps down
Christmas closures
10 List of former ATT members who ceased membership in 2011
11 List of former CTA members who ceased memberhips in 2011
12 NAO report backs up tax advisers' concerns on online filing
13 Admission Ceremony - 20 October 2011
Subscriptions - 2012 rates
14 The road to PAYE
15 Introduction - Gaines and penalties
Working Together Initiative
16 Compliance Checks - Business Record Checks
Goodwill and trade-related properties - feeback
17 Devolution of Taxes - What's happening to the Scotland Bill?
PAYE late payment penalties
18 CIOT and ATT volunteers sought for Working Together
Submissions list
19 PAYE P800s - update (separate)
20-1 Gaines-Cooper - have we reached the end? (separate)
22 Not digital only (separate)

Technical Team

10 December 2011


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