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HMRC - a new framework

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Article by Stephen Taylor, VAT specialist, Pearce Taylor Taxation. This article appeared in the November 2006 issue of Tax Adviser. The annual joint conference with HMRC at Latimer House is a popular event with both tax advisers and HMRc staff. This year about 40% of the delegates were from HMRC (most of these seemed to be working in anti-avoidance!). How long before HMRC outnumber tax advisers?

This year's theme was 'Rights and responsibilities: a new framework'. The intention was clearly to focus on pivotal changes arising from the formation of HMRC.

Forming HMRC is clearly not merely a logistical problem but an opportunity - an opportunity which, if missed, is not likely to arise again for a long while. This is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime chance to improve and streamline the administration of tax in the UK. Structural changes that many have advocated for many years are now being considered and are likely to be implemented.

The main structural changes the conference addressed were as follows

  • consultation about changes
  • taxpayers' rights
  • regulation of the tax professional
  • merging anti-avoidance jurisprudence
  • a new Tax Management Act
  • reform of the tribunal system
  • review of powers, deterrents and safeguards
  • expertise in the tax profession

November 2006 by Stephen Taylor

Technical Department
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