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2006 Index

Category Technical Articles
Links to articles published in 2006 issues of Tax Adviser.

December 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk December 2006
The Technical Officers

Farm restructuring in the new era
David Missen

SDLT: the FA 2006 changes
Matthew Hutton

Tax, AIM and IFRS
Gillian Wild

Technical Committee Newsdesk December 2006
The Technical Officers

EIS is not EASY
Keith M Gordon

Transfer pricing: a European code
Steve Hasson

November 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk November 2006
The Technical Officers

HMRC - a new framework
Stephen Taylor

Tax and forensic accounting
Kay Linnell

Taxpayers beware
Tom Melvin

Range of the home
Keith M Gordon

Cadbury Schweppes: the ECJ decides
Bill Dodwell and Carolyn Sarrau

October 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk October 2006
The Technical Officers

Acting for medical practioners
Stephen Burrell

Capital allowances: untapped potential
Ray Chidell

Donors behaving badly
Andrew Goodall

Finance Act 2006: some things to do to trusts
Richard Sowler

Beyond reasonable excuse
Keith M Gordon

Tripartite trouble with VAT
Stanley Dencher

September 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk September 2006
The Technical Officers

Tax Avoidance Disclosure - an update
Lakshmi Narain

The new CIS - a risk assessment
Eamon McNicholas

Negligence is not enough
Keith M Gordon

Furnished holiday lets and IHT relief
Julie Butler

What goes around comes around - or does it?
Andrew Hubbard

August 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk August 2006
The Technical Officers

Towards a reasonable business expenses rule
Oyebode Oyetunde

Red diesel and road use
Ian Fleming

Domicile conjugal
Keith M Gordon

Corporation tax treatment of deal fees
Bradley Keast, George Lovell and Alex Ives

CFE Forum 2006
Tom Melvin

Show a bit of enterprise
Simon Groom

Dealing with the death estate
Chris Martin

July 2006

Buying property abroad: the pitfalls
David Sayers

Stamp duty: it's still here
Ann L Humphrey

Resident either here or there
Keith M Gordon

Cadbury Schweppes: the future of CFC legislation
Bill Dodwell and Carolyn Serrau

Technical Committee Newsdesk July 2006
The Technical Officers

June 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk June 2006
The Technical Officers

Stamp Duty Land Tax: the basics
Ann L Humphrey

EMAG Handel: the final outcome
Patrick Walker and Jo Bello

Advice, post-Grabiner: risks and key issues
Oliver Plunkett

Leasing taxation - is it really reform?
Derek Jenkins and Jeremy Rayner

Inheritance tax and pensions
Stephen Ward

Antrobus II: valuing a farmhouse
Roger Jones

LBS Operating Model
Simon Wilks and Ray McCann

'There's no business' means tax relief
Keith M Gordon

Cable & Wireless: the tax consequences
David Kirk

May 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk May 2006
The Technical Officers

After the Civil Partnership Act
Maggie Fleming and Keith Gordon

Working and child tax credits
Liz Lathwood

Information Day
Keith M Gordon

Halifax: the other cases and the abuse principle
Michael Conlon

UK REITs broaden options
Ros Rowe and Adrian Rudd

VAT and non-business use post-Tijmens
Paul Smith

April 2006

Technical Committee Newsdesk April 2006
The Technical Officers

The management of tax risk - part 2
Robin Godman

Employee share tax: ten topical myths
David Cohen

HMRC's powers, and cheating the revenue
Richard Cory

ACT of discrimination
Keith M Gordon

A question of economic value
Stephen Camm and Iain Macleod

Halifax: a redefining moment in law
Michael Conlon

VAT: an update on the three year-cap
Michael Bailey

March 2006

The management of tax risk, part 1
Robin Godman

Pensions simplified
Andrew Meeson

Tax: an enjoyable world to work in
Neil Owen

My unfair Revenue
Keith M Gordon

The EMAG case – a matter of opinion

When does a tax exemption become ‘state aid’?
Julie Butler

Technical committee newsdesk
Technical officers

Trading places
David Goodchild

February 2006

Company tax - seven hot topics
Tim Ambrose

HMRC derailed on carousel fraud
Gavin McFarlane

Marks & Spencer plc v Halsey: a score draw
Colin Davis

Arctic Systems: the final chapter
Michael Hunter

Brief fee encounter
Keith M Gordon

Technical Committee Newsdesk February 2006
The Technical Officers

Pre-owned assets income tax: further developments
Emma Chamberlain

Impaired debt: acquisition of debt at a discount
George Lovell and Bradley Keast

January 2006

What's new in tax credits?
Liz Lathwood

Holes in their SOX?
Adrian Walker

Transfer pricing and indirect tax
Claire Combrinck and Shiv Mahalingham

VAT recovery for DIY converters
Sylvia Elwes

Holes in their SOX?
Adrian Walker

Technical Committee Newsdesk January 2006
CIOT Technical Officers

A matter of interests on death
Keith Gordon

Double taxation and other problems
Colin Davis

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