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CIS – Penalties and Gross Payment Status

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AuthorTechnical Department
From October 2007 HMRC will be introducing penalties for late filing of monthly returns, and will also be commencing rolling automatic compliance checks for contractors paid gross. We understand that HMRC are issuing a further reminder to contractors about the introduction from October 2007 of penalties and the new rolling automatic compliance checks, together with information about arrangements for making appeals. In addition, HMRC are sending a corresponding mailing to agents.

We are also advised that HMRC are typically only receiving around 60% of the monthly returns they expect by the due date, with a further 20-30% coming in over the following couple of months. Returns not received by HMRC by 19 October 2007 will be liable for a penalty. Therefore, contractors should be reminded that they need to submit to HMRC all outstanding returns for all months back to the start of the scheme in April, or “nil” returns where appropriate for those months, by 19 October 2007 if the penalties are to be avoided.

“Nil” returns may be filed by simply ringing the CIS Helpline (0845 366 7899). If payments to subcontractors have not been made for a while, contractors can ask HMRC to record them as “inactive”.

In addition, we understand from HMRC that they are having to send back a significant number of returns which are otherwise complete because the signature has been omitted!

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