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British and European cases, legislation and other information

Members may find the following websites useful for locating cases, legislation and other information.

Category CFE and Europe
AuthorTechnical Department
Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE): and, more specifically, the VAT guide at

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (Bailii):

World Legal Information Institute (Sister site to Bailii):


European Court of Human Rights:

Curia (the website of the ECJ):

There is also a useful section on the Curia website which is a Digest of case law. This lists all relevant cases on a subject by subject basis. Although the summaries are all in French, you can generally get to the English version of individual judgments simply by double-clicking on the case underlined, and clicking on the (usually HTML) language version you want when the case comes up.
The Main index page is at:

For the multilinguists amongst you, another useful website is the Dutch Government site at:

Technical Team


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