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Exam Credits

Credits from one or more of the papers are available if you meet the criteria

Credits can be claimed alongside the Confirmation of Eligibility when registering as a student.

If you are already registered there is a separate downloadable credit only application form.

You must apply for your credits before the closing date for your final written paper if you are sitting in a modular way or all papers at one sitting.

Please note that any ATT students transferring to the CTA who have completed both E-Assessments in its current form will automatically have these carried over without charge.

Previous Qualification

Credit Awarded

ICAEW The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

ICAS The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland

ICAI The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland

*Must have passed Northern Ireland Tax Papers

Application and Interaction

ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants 2007 syllabus onwards

*Must have passed Paper 6 – Advanced Taxation

Passing an earlier syllabus and then subsequently sitting Paper 6 will
not qualify for the credit

Application and Interaction

ATT Association of Taxation Technicians

*Must have passed Paper 7 (Practice Administration & Ethics)

Professional Responsibilities and Ethics


ADIT Advanced Diploma in International Taxation

Advisory: Advanced Corporation Tax

HM Revenue & Customs TPDP Tax Professional Development Programme

Advisory: Advanced Corporation Tax

HM Revenue & Customs Tax Inspector (FT2/CPT/IDP or ITS2)

Advisory: Advanced Corporation Tax

Advisory: Owner Managed Business

HM Revenue & Customs VAT Legal and Technical Training

Advisory: VAT on UK Domestic Transactions

IIT Institute of Indirect Taxation

*This does not include the VAT Compliance Diploma

Advisory: VAT on UK Domestic Transactions

Advisory: VAT on Cross-Border Transactions

Passed the examination requirements to become a UK Solicitor or UK Barrister (LPC or equivalent)

Law E-Assessment

Fees for Credits

The fees for the credits are as follows:

For each written tax paper £135

E-Assessment in Professional Responsibilities & Ethics (For those who have passed ATT Paper 7) £30

Law £60


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