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Permitted Examination Books

The list of permitted books that you are able to take into the examination room is detailed in the Prospectus.

  • Tolley Yellow Tax Handbook-12-13.gif Orange Handbook
    Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook Tolley's Orange Tax Handbook


CCH Red Book CCH Green Book CCH purple books

  • CCH Editions Limited Tax Statutes and Statutory Instruments including the index volume and CCH Purple handbook (customs and duties)


  • HSMO copies of taxing statutes

and (for the Indirect Tax Route only)

Red Customs Handbook Tolley Blue Excise Duties-Handbook-2012.gif

Tolley’s Customs Duties Handbook and
Tolley’s Excise Duties Handbook


CCH purple books

CCH Purple Book (Customs and Excise Duties))

Please note that the CCH Editions Limited VAT Handbook and Tax Handbook are not permitted.

Publications brought into the examination must be bound copies. They can be underlined, sidelined and highlighted, but annotating, use of ‘post-its’, folding over pages and tagging are NOT allowed.

No other written material or calculation aid will be permitted.

You are permitted to write your name in the legislation.

Checks may be made at any time throughout the exam and publications which do not conform to the above will be confiscated for the duration of the examination and the incident reported to Head Office.

Pocket calculators (except those with an alpha-numeric keyboard) are permitted.

Dictionaries, in any language, are not permitted.

Candidates will be provided with a sheet giving them the tax rates and tables required for the


If you bring prohibited material into the examination room you will be disqualified.


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