Technical Committee - who we are and what we do

The Chartered Institute of Taxation Charter requires us to develop well-informed public opinions on tax. These are developed by the Technical Committee and staff, inviting contributions from our volunteers and other members.

Although we aim to represent our members’ views and protect their interests, where there is a conflict the wider public interest will take precedence.

Public benefit includes:

  • A simpler, more workable tax system with more certainty as a result of our formal and informal discussions with fiscal authorities.
  • The interests of both the represented and unrepresented taxpayer to be considered.
  • Lower administrative burdens for both individuals and businesses.
  • UK taxpayer interests represented at both UK and EU level.

Making a contribution

The CIOT includes input from members in its responses to consultations issued by HMRC, HM Treasury and the European Commission. There is an opportunity for any member to participate in open consultations - practical experience is particularly helpful when we are preparing technical responses. Most of the preparation of responses is done by email.

If you are interested in contributing further, how about applying to join a CIOT Technical Sub-committee

Technical submissions

The Institute has developed close links with HMRC and other parts of the UK Government and the EU. As a result, these departments regularly consult the CIOT on proposed changes to the tax system, and its responses are valued for their high professional standard. The Institute also reviews the annual Finance Bill in considerable depth and submits comments, which attract Government replies. The publication of these exchanges adds to understanding of the legislation. This influence is extended to Europe by way of the Institute's representation of the UK on the Confédération Fiscale Européenne.

To read our public representations and responses see our Public Submissions area.

To find out who is involved in the CIOT Technical Committee and its sub-committees look at our Who's Who