Policy and technical

One of the principal functions of The Chartered Institute of Taxation is to put forward to the Government and to the European Commission the Institute’s views on legislation, both existing and proposed, and its administration in the field of UK taxation (and international taxation which has an impact on the UK).

Much of the work is done by way of responses to consultative documents and comments on every Finance Bill. A number of proactive projects are regularly undertaken as well, examples being the submission of Budget representations, research and discussion papers. This area contains information about the technical activities of the Institute.

Summaries of technical activities can also be found in the 'Technical Committee Newsdesk' section of the Institute's monthly journal Tax Adviser. The Technical Committee operates through ten sub-committees and a number of working groups. Much of the day-to-day technical work is carried out by the Institute’s Technical Officers in consultation with the chairmen and members of the sub-committees. The Institute is also represented on a number of external committees and groups.

The Institute does not have the resources to offer a technical advisory service to members.The committee is interested in all taxes, and in both technical and procedural tax issues. Any political issues are, however, best raised directly with MPs.