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Email – but not as you know it

CIOT members have been asking us ‘When will HMRC move into the 21st Century and start corresponding by email?’ Questions which come to mind include: Would they be able to see the wood for the trees? Would they be able to distinguish the critical emails from the peripheral? Well, what none of us want is for HMRC to switch on Outlook for all their staff and be overwhelmed by email, night and day, from agents and the public. So this has to be done in a measured way and recently there has been another step forward into the brave new e-world.

So what’s the good news? Agent Account Managers (AAM) can now be contacted by ‘structured emails’ send via the HMRC website. Every agent – that’s many of our members – can register to ‘join the AAM club’ which provides new services including a resolution issue process, which can be used when all other channels have been exhausted. Have you signed up for this – if not, register at: and give it a try. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the new service, by feeding back at:


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