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Top tips from LITRG

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) have issued a guide on what people should do if they receive a tax calculation letter from HM Revenue and Customs.

The guide includes:

  • Step by step guidance for people who are told they have underpaid tax
  • An explanation of the circumstances in which people can challenge HMRC
  • An annotated version of the ‘P800 Notes’ (the notice people will be sent telling them of their recalculated tax)
  • Examples of the letters taxpayers could write in response to receipt of a tax calculation (though you will need to adapt them to fit your own circumstances)

The 14 page guide is available from the LITRG website via the link:

As LITRG’s Chairman John Andrews has pointed out, taxpayers receiving tax calculations from HMRC are in need of help – particularly if these show that they owe money to HMRC and they cannot afford to pay for a tax adviser. LITRG do not feel that HMRC have done all they could to help the vulnerable and the uninitiated (hopefully this can be improved before the large bulk of the six million calculations are sent out) so have stepped into the breach with extra guidance.

The guide is reproduced extensively in the Money Mail section of today’s Daily Mail.

LITRG are keen for the guide to have the widest possible circulation so if you run a relevant website or blog please feel free to link to it or even to reproduce extracts from it, provided these are attributed to LITRG.


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