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CIOT gives Budget evidence to MPs

The Chancellor’s appearance before the Treasury Select Committee yesterday afternoon makes a number of today’s newspapers. (See, for example, Osborne feels the heat on 'pasty tax' and cut in 50p rate‎ in The Independent.)

This is a traditional post-Budget event. What is less well known is that, in preparation for their grilling of the Chancellor, the Committee invites a number of expert witnesses to give evidence to them the morning before. CIOT Tax Policy Director John Whiting was once again one of this select group yesterday. If you want to watch John being questioned by the Committee on issues including retrospection, tax complexity and age-related allowances, click here and go to 11.30.

Watch out for the Finance Bill which will be published tomorrow.

George Crozier
CIOT External Relations Manager
Wednesday 28 March 2012


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