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Chartered Institute of Taxation and Institute of Indirect Taxation merge

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and the Institute of Indirect Taxation (IIT) officially merged today.

The approximately 500 members of the IIT who were not already members of the CIOT have now become CIOT members, taking the merged Institute’s membership total to more than 16,500.

CIOT President Patrick Stevens commented:

“I would like to welcome IIT members to the Chartered Institute of Taxation. I will be writing to each of them in the next few days to welcome them personally and to invite them to get involved in the activities of the merged institute, nationally and at branch level.

“We are determined that the 'DNA of the IIT' will be embedded within the CIOT. We are putting arrangements in place to ensure this happens and to expand further our coverage of indirect taxes within the merged Institute, for example in our technical work and member communications.”

Bob Davies, the final Chairman of the IIT, commented:

“This is good news for indirect tax professionals. Bringing together the expertise and the resources of the two institutes will strengthen the support available to our members. On the education side, I am confident the new structure for a CTA route for indirect taxes will build on the best of both its predecessors.

“VAT and other indirect taxes are increasingly high profile in political debate and the media. By coming together we believe we are creating a prominent player in the world of indirect taxation whose voice and influence will be even greater than the sum of our parts.”

Notes to editors

  1. The merger follows votes of members at general meetings of the two institutes on May 15 (CIOT) and May 28 (IIT).

  2. Those who were IIT members at the point of merger will be able to continue to use their IIT post nominals (AIIT – Associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation, and FIIT – Fellow of the Institute of Indirect Taxation) in addition to calling themselves a Chartered Tax Adviser and using the designation CTA.

Technical Team

1 August 2012


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