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Annual Report and Special Resolution on Admission of Members of the IIT

The CIOT’s Annual Report and Review for 2011 are now available on the website. The Report contains reports on all aspects of the Institute’s work during the year 2011. It is 92 pages in length.

The Review is a shorter document, at 20 pages, and contains highlights of the Institute’s year. It is the same document which has been sent to members with their copy of the April edition of Tax Adviser.

The Report contains the AGM Notice. At the AGM there will be a Special Resolution regarding admission of members of the Institute of Indirect Taxation. Also online is a letter to members from the President and Chief Executive giving full information regarding this Resolution.

Links to documents
CIOT Annual Review 2011
CIOT Annual Report and Financial Statements 2011
Letter to members regarding admission of members of the IIT


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