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Why Do ADIT?

Why do the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)?

Today's international tax professional will have a varied background and the expectation that he or she will be increasingly mobile and will need an understanding of more than one taxation system.

The Diploma, developed and supervised by leading international tax practitioners and academics, meets the needs of international tax practitioners working in the corporate arena.

It is a challenging and rigorous qualification but will reward you, your career, and your employer.

Authoritative Technical Knowledge

The ADIT qualification was developed and is supervised by an Academic Board consisting of six international tax practitioners and scholars: Prof John Avery Jones, Dr Philip Baker, Prof Malcolm Gammie, Prof Kees van Raad, Prof Jefferson VanderWolk, and Prof Richard Vann.

The overall standard of the Diploma is comparable to the CTA in the UK. The CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser) is the Chartered Institute of Taxation's (CIOT) UK qualification and is well recognised as the premier qualification in UK taxation.


No pre-requirements to register as a student or take exams - we only require an email address so that we can keep in contact with you. Tax professionals around the world have a wide variety of backgrounds and this qualification works to ensure that there are few obstacles to improving your or your team's credentials.

Flexible with work commitments and study commitments - exams are held twice each year, different exam combinations are available in both handwritten and on-screen formats, and the qualification is modular so you can take the exams in any order or all at the same sitting.

Five years to graduate - your student registration expires after five years. If you find yourself beyond that time frame, with papers left to complete, you only need to re-register.

Thesis option on the subject and jurisdiction of your choice for one of two papers - should you not want to study the current jurisdictions offered, you can do a 15,000-20,000 word thesis instead of either Paper II or Paper III.

Choice of study options - depending on your commitments and resources available there are a variety of choices available for tuition provision. In addition, you can choose a different study route or course for each paper. You are not restricted to classroom study only.

Broaden your scope

Many international tax professionals have 'learned on the job', or they are accountants or lawyers or work for the national revenue office doing international tax. This qualification truly identifies you as an international tax specialist. It will 'fill in the gaps' of your knowledge of international tax and other jurisdictions.

The exams are up to date and based on current case law. They cover the trends and what are now important areas in international tax.

Practical qualification - there is a combined focus on the academic understanding but also on the practical, 'real life' application.

A Growing global community and network of international tax professionals

Join a growing community of ADIT students, graduates and affiliates in over 100 countries around the world - every continent, major market centre, and every business sector represented.

This network will continue and stay with you wherever your career takes you.

You will have the confidence that the ADIT community will all have taken the same exams and you will recognise the standard of this peer group.

The CIOT runs conferences which ADIT students, graduates and affiliates can attend.

The CIOT website has an ADIT Student Forum which you can use to communicate with other ADIT students and with the Institute.

Join the ADIT group on LinkedIn. As an ADIT student, graduate or affiliate you have the opportunity to join the ADIT group on the networking site where the focus is more on the professional networking as students generally use the online Forum for exam and study questions.


Uniquely cross border in that everyone has to pass Paper I - Principles of International Taxation and have to demonstrate ability in two different jurisdictions. And there is no requirement that the jurisdictions be where you work or live.

Benefits of registering as a student

Student registration entitles the holder to:

  • a reduction on CCH books on the recommended reading list (available for each ADIT paper via the Syllabus)
  • a 20% discount on IBFD ADIT courses
  • attend CIOT Branch events and conferences
  • communicate with other students on the ADIT Student Forum
  • satisfy CPD requirements of other professional qualifications, where applicable
  • join the ADIT professional group on LinkedIn and follow the ADIT Students feed on Twitter
  • win prizes and medals for the highest marks in each exam session
    • Paper I: the Heather Self Medal
    • Paper II (Option A): the Raymond Kelly Medal
    • Paper II (Options B - J): the International Fiscal Association (IFA) Prize
    • Paper III (Options A - D): the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers Medal
    • Paper III (Option F): the CCH Prize
    • Thesis Option: the John Avery Jones Medal.

Benefits of being a Graduate

  • Being entitled to put the designatory letters 'ADIT' after your name
  • Global benchmark of quality and achievement and an independent means of demonstrating international tax expertise
  • Portable qualification across borders and industries
  • Demonstration of your ability in a 'home' country taxation system and in a 'non-home' or 'away' countries taxation system
  • Having the option to become an 'International Tax Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation'
  • CIOT credit - Diploma holders will be awarded a credit (on application) for the Advanced Corporation Tax Advisory Paper of the CIOT's Chartered Tax Adviser examination, providing the UK option Paper II was sat. The credit will be valid for five sittings following the candidate's first sitting of a CTA written tax paper.

Benefits of being an Affiliate

  • The status attaching to affiliation with the premier professional body in the UK concerned solely with taxation
  • The right to describe oneself as an 'International Tax Affiliate of The Chartered Institute of Taxation'
  • Provision of the monthly journal 'Tax Adviser', which includes technical articles, current tax notes, digests of tax cases and news from the Institute
  • Provides a framework of ethical standards and practice guidelines
  • CPD opportunities
  • Participation in the technical and social activities organised by UK and international branches
  • Use of the Institute's Tony Arnold Library at King's College, London.

What ADIT people say

“I have found the ADIT to be an invaluable asset in my current role as a Senior Manager in International Tax for Palm; which is a Global Business Unit of Hewlett Packard. The pursuit of the qualification has, to date, provided me with both the theoretical understanding of many of the issues faced on a day to day basis as well as helping me to apply that theory to practical scenarios. In a competitive industry I have found the pursuit of the qualification to be acknowledged by both my peers and by employers as a unique selling point on my CV.”

Hewlett Packard - Carron McKinney, Senior Manager in International Tax, Ireland

“ADIT provides in-depth knowledge of international taxation that is invaluable to a global organisation like Michelin. It enhances the value that I am able to add to the business and provides opportunities to extend my horizons beyond the UK.”

Michelin - Robert Johnstone, Director of International Taxation, USA

“It can be quite difficult for in-house international tax specialists to acquire a deep and broad technical knowledge base on which to build their practical experience. The ADIT is a unique qualification which perfectly meets this need and was designed with this in mind. I would regard the ADIT as a huge advantage when recruiting for international tax specialist roles.”

Reed Elsevier Group - Paul Morton, Head of Group Tax

“In recommending an international tax qualification for our staff to pursue, we reviewed what was available in the global marketplace and concluded that ADIT, with its modular structure that combines international tax skills with experience in one of a number of major domestic tax systems, was a very good fit for our competency development requirements.”

Shell - Jim Robertson, VP Tax

“Studying ADIT and gaining the qualification proves to your employer that you are serious about international tax and about pursuing an international career. Studying for ADIT has allowed me to build up broader knowledge in international tax than I would get by just gaining experience on the job.”

Proctor & Gamble - Doris Gonzales-Hurtado, Tax Manager, Tax Germany and Austria

“ADIT is a qualification which will help you gain an in-depth understanding of international taxation and of a home country and a second country’s taxation system. While you prepare for the ADIT Papers, you continue to build a better understanding of international tax. I passed the Hong Kong and China Option Papers and use this expertise to benefit my clients and employer.”

HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng - Grace Xia, Senior Tax Consultant

"In the aim of finding a qualification to broaden my career prospects I got to know the CIOT, and then ADIT, and registered as a student. As I continue to build my experience and expertise in international taxation, I am convinced that having this qualification will contribute to improving both my knowledge and career prospects."

Philip Morris - Florencia Ali, Latin America Shared Services Centre - Financial Services

"Knowing their employees have a wider range of tax issues that they can identify for clients. The ADIT qualification is a huge benefit for employers because their qualified employees can identify more work." (Big 4 firm)

"As an international company in 45 countries it is important that they have staff who have proved their knowledge and level of skills. It helps in risk management because you know people have skills because they have proved it by successfully completing the ADIT qualification." (International insurance)

"The qualification enables both the individual and the employer to know that they have competent staff. They can be satisfied that the person is able to do the job. With ADIT - it is the same exam no matter where you are in the world - it is globally standardised. Everyone will have done the same thing." (Former global bank)

"Very important in a group of companies that there be people who specialise in and focus on international taxation. It is also a competitive advantage for a company. Other companies have accountants doing tax but not someone who specialised in tax." (Pharmaceutical)

"Made me more confident with my job and achieving a difficult qualification that other tax people recognise as difficult - is a benefit. Now I can more completely understand what others are saying in the corporate area and can do my job in a better way." (Big 4 firm)

"Filled in the gaps in my knowledge. Satisfying in having confirmation that the things I have been doing all these years have been right. And eventually we all will have to have some international tax qualification." (International engineering)

"Added level of confidence especially when dealing with high level lawyers in other countries. It is that added confidence that the ADIT brand brings." (Tax advisory)

"I had never stood back and looked at the overall tax structure as when you learn by going along and pulling on levers without understanding the engine. The ADIT course is fantastically good at helping you understand the engine. With associated companies in other countries it was very helpful to study another jurisdiction. It helps me progress within my organisation because I can apply ADIT in my day job." (International consumer goods)

"I'm getting the theory because in my day-to-day job I'm doing it but didn't have the 'why' I'm doing it. The course is very up to date and it's always based on current case law and covers the trends and what important areas are now. It provides a better foundation and the basics of international tax." (Food processing)


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